The WOD's

WOD: Tuesday

Reminder Mark will be hosting a Nutrition coaching information session via Zoom at 7pm. Check slider bar above for full details.

EMOM X 20 minutes:
Min 1. 10 Dumbbell thrusters 15/10kg, max rep burpees.
Min 2. Rest

*Score: total number of burpees.
You must complete minimum of thrusters to maintain Rxd.

WOD: Monday

It was awesome to kick of our face to facetraining over the weekend and can’t wait to welcome the rest of you back this week.
We are running our full CrossFit schedule and have the carpark ready with new lighting thanks to Tim M @M-Eelec.

Be sure to book in via Mindbody. We have some great sessions planned.

Increment as far as possible in 15mins of:
Power Cleans (40/30kg) (1-2-3-4.. )
Double-unders (10-20-30-40…)

*Power Cleans to be completed in touch and go batches (no dumping of barbell).

WOD: Saturday

We can’t wait to have our community back together for some great training!!

Government guidelines mean we are limited to 9 people per session so book ins are now required. If you have not yet registered for Mindbody please contact Marie asap.

Saturday Workout:
Decreasing ladder of:
Deadball over the shoulder (10-1reps)
Run 3 x 15m shuttle runs
Squats (30-3 reps)
Run 3 x 15m shuttle runs Sunday partner workout:
In groups of three complete as many burpees as possible in 20minutes:
Max burpees
100m single arm kettlebell carry
360m run.
*1 partner on each station. Rotate when all members have completed their task.
*Score: Total team reps of burpees.

Photo: Our selfie Zoom series -Nata, Kim & pups (no Mark ☹️). Mark & Kim joined our community in 2013 with Nata joining us from her 13th birthday. We could write a book on their individual accomishments and yet you will not meet a more beautiful, humble family. They are my benchmark on what family is about and inspire me and so many on so many levels. We love you guys. Thank you for your ongoing friendship and love.

WOD: Friday

Thanks for those that have returned equipment. There is still a lot to come back, please ensure all equipment is returned asap so that we all have gear to train with.

Run/Row/SKip/Bike 2 minutes.

Cycle through 4 minutes:
2 x Bow & Bend>Inch worm>Push-up>Inch worm>Squat raise x2 (please watch video)
High Knees/Boots to Glutes

Skill- Handstand progression
Donkey Kicks
Wall Climbs + Hold
Handstand kick ups to wall
Handstand holds against wall (10 seconds)

Donkey kicks
Wall walks & hold

Increment as far as possible in 20 minutes of:
5 Push-ups
10 Sit-ups
15 Squats
then, Run 200m

*Complete 1 round of 5,10,15, then run. Complete 2 rounds of 5,10,15, then run. , 3 rounds of 5,10,15 , then run.

Option 2:
Increment as far as possible in 20 minutes of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats
then , Run 200m

Score is total rounds completed eg, going for 8 rounds and complete 7rds +10 Push-ups/8 rounds.

Photo: This is what 30 years of love and happiness is about… Mike forcing Chrissie to do love heart hands after a Zoom WOD. Happy 30th anniversary!!!

WOD: Thursday

Only 3 days until we move CrossFit outside. Please return all borrowed equipment by Thursday (unless otherwise arranged).

3 rounds alternating beween:
5 x 10m Shuttle Runs &
5 x Sit & Reach
5 x Jumps Squats
5 x Sprawl
5 x Reverse Lunge

*Work skills/technique and build in weight:
Toe to bar
Clean & Jerk

Work mini round of:
5 x T2B/T2KB, C&J, Burpee box jump over

AMRAP in 3-6-9 minutes of:
20 Toes to bar/Toes to Kettlebell
15 Clean & Jerk
10 Burpee box jump overs

Rest 3 minutes between cycles.

Notes: This is designed to be a max effort sprint on each cycle followed by sufficient rest.
*Start each round from T2B. Record completed repetitions for each cycle and overall grand tally.

*Barbell: Choose weight that allows for touch & go sets.
*Dumbbell Clean & Jerk (Alternating)
*Kettlebell double handed snatch or swings

For those that have returned weights (thank you)- Jumping lunges.

Photo: Danielle mid pull-up. Thanks to her personal photographer @GrantWilliamsphotography
Danielle has smashed this week achieving 20 unbroken perfect push-ups, pistol squats and more. Awesome work!!!

WOD: Wednesday

Only 4 days until we get to see your smiling faces (Saturday). Please be sure to book in via Mindbody. We will add sessions to suit demand.

Run/Row/Skip/Bike 2 minutes

Then choose an option based upon your selected movement for the workout.

Option 1: (Pull-up version)
2 x 3 Kip Swing > Pull-ups>Pull-ups
Hollow hold pulse x 5
Superman pulse x 5

Option 2: (Burpee version)

EMOM x 30 minutes
Hollow hold pulse x 5
Superman pulse x 5

2 x mini rounds of:
6 x 10m shuttle run>15sec plank>5 Pull-ups or Burpees

EMOM x 30 minutes:
Min 1. Run/Row 200m
Min 2. Rest
Min 3. 60sec Plank Hold
Min 4. Rest
Min 5. Max repetitions Pull-ups or Burpees
Min 6. Rest

*Record total repetitions of Pull-ups or burpees.

*Choose option based upon equipment available.

Photo: Our selfie series- Deb & Chris M rocking the Zoom workouts. How many 58 year old women do you know that can complete 20 CrossFit standard push-ups and strict pull-ups? This women never ceases to amaze me with her dedication towards self improvement.

WOD: Tuesday

Congratulations to Alexis James for being our member of the month- You rock!!

3 rounds of:
Bearcrawl + 10 Squats
Spiderman + 5 Push-ups

Kosack stretch> Dragon
Ankle stretch/pistol sit + pulse

3 Stage goblet squat x 5 reps

Single leg squat (Pistol) progression and practice

Squat technique
Tempo Squats 7 x 3-5 repetitions
Front Squat/ Overhead Squat

Advanced athletes:
Single leg squats 5-7 sets x 6-10 repetitions
*Watch movement video for progression guidance

Part B:
For time:
Males: 30-24-18-12-6 Push-ups
Females: 20-16-12-8-4 Push-ups
*Sets must be unbroken for RXD
*8 minute cut-off
*Aim to improve on last result.

Photo: Part of our workout selfie series- Jo & Andy joining us pool side 😀
Remember a Coastal shirt is up for grabs for best photo this fortnight. We have some strong competition.

WOD: Monday

We hope all of our beautiful mothers had a fabulous weekend.

Run/Row/Bike/Skip 2 minutes.

Shoulders (hang & stretch), hips & ankles

Three rounds of:
Donkey kicks (6 alternating legs)
Shoulder taps + extension (3 per side)
Jump squats x 6
20m Run forward/backward x 2

Alternate and progress:
Kips swings 2x3reps >Pull-ups 2-5 reps
Sumo Deadlift>Russian swing>Full swing

Three round for time of:
400m Run
21 Kettlebell Swings
12 Pull-ups

*Substitute kettlebell swings with dumbbell or barbell snatch.
*Aim to maintain some element of pull where possible. Sub with single arm row (if required).

Photo: On Saturday I asked for selfies including surroundings. Each day I see our members training from their yards/parks and see some of the best scenery. We are so lucky to be able to train outside. Don’t see this as a compromise but as an opportunity. What do you love about your training area? Thank you Alex for the share.

WOD: Saturday

Warm up:
7 cycles of:
Squat > Inchworm> Push-up

Front support rotation (15 seconds each position)

3 cycles (for best movement) of:
5 Front Squat/Goblet Squat
5 Push Press

3 x 5 Thrusters.
Build in weight towards complex. Practice receiving barbell behind the neck.

“Bear Complex”-
Option 1. Barbell
Five rounds for load:
Complete 7 unbroken sets of:
1 Power Clean
1 Front Squat
1 Push Press
1 Back Squat
1 Push Press

*No letting go of the barbell or resting on the ground.
*Can combine movements Eg. Power Clean + Front Squat + Push Press = Squat Clean into Thruster.
* Rest as necessary between rounds.

Option 2. Dumbbell or Kettlebell variation
Five rounds as heavy as possible:
7 unbroken sets (per side) of:
1 Power Clean
1 Front Squat
1 Push Press
*No rest between sets
*Can combine movements
*Complete 7 sets of left, 7 sets on right
*If various weights are available build in weight/otherwise go as heavy as your movement quality and available weight allows.

#Note: Get into the right head space for this one. Take on the challenge!!!
*Record WOD option, equipment, weight.
Compare results to last time Monday 6th April – HERE

Photo: Megan & her training partner Caidance stretching with ROMWOD after the morning WOD. Love, love, love it!!!

WOD: Friday

Run/Row/Skip/Bike 2 minutes

Mobility: Two cycles of:
Single leg romanian deadlift
Air Thrusters

Three rounds of:
Push Press x 5 per side
Reverse Lunge x 5 per side
Skip > progress towards Double-unders (30 seconds)

Five, 3 minute AMRAP of:
10 Kettlebell Swings/DB Clean & Jerk/Snatch (empty barbell)
20 Box Step-ups
30 Double-unders

Rest 1 minute between cycles

*Start each cycle from the start. Record repetitions for each cycle and aim to hold/improve on each effort.

*Scale double-unders = 30 second effort. Maintain repetitions from there on.

Photo: Tim wasn’t able to get a photo of his actual PB Clean of 97.5kg, but wanted to share the next best thing- a previous photo depicting his emotions after achieving it 😀