Drew Napper: My wife and I have been members of Coastal CrossFit for two years now. Prior to beginning CrossFit we both worked with a personal trainer and attended boot camps three times a week. We considered ourselves to be reasonably fit and enjoyed working out but we both felt there was something missing, we trained hard but had no goal to focus toward.
Then we heard about the sport of CrossFit and were recommended to try Coastal CrossFit. From day one we knew we had made the right decision. The coaches were friendly and attentive and made sure we were introduced into their CrossFit community. Every day is a new combination of physical work to challenge mind and body. The coaching team at Coastal CrossFit is fantastic, they encourage us to push our comfort zone but never at the expense of good technique, safety is paramount. If I need particular help with a movement a coach will take me aside and guide me through it, as they would for any other member who needs help or asks for advice. Nutrition is the other important aspect of training that is addressed at Coastal CrossFit, the coaches know what your body needs to get the best results from training.
What we most love about being part of Coastal CrossFit is that we now workout with a goal in mind and that is to improve in competition. Along with our teenage daughter, we regularly enter CrossFit competitions as a family in a Coastal CrossFit team, it’s a fantastic experience.
Since joining Coastal CrossFit I am now fitter, stronger and healthier than I have ever been. I could not recommend Coastal CrossFit more highly. Whether you are somebody wanting to start to get fit, or are a seasoned athlete looking for a new challenge. I know you will be welcomed into the community, make new friends and get fitter with all the motivation you will ever need.

Sirkka Luke: I joined Coastal Crossfit just over a year ago and am still really enjoying it. Being a mum, working full time and having two kids, (who now have also joined Coastal Kids Crossfit and loving it), the flexibility in hours really suit me. I can get my work-out done before the kids are up and ready to start the day. My fitness, strength & flexibility has really improved and am so happy that I can now do 5 pull ups Open-mouthed smile The Coastal Crossfit team have always made me feel at home and have supported me at every level. Thank you Chris, Marie, Steve & Chantal.

Megan Hindmarsh: I had been training at another crossfit box for a couple of years, but felt that I wasn’t working on my strength enough with their programming.  Since starting at Coastal Crossfit Queensland, I have seen my pb’s increase – without losing my cardio fitness – due to the great programming, incorporating a lot more strength into the weekly workouts.  The coaches show a lot of genuine interest in everyone’s performance and improvement, which makes it a great place for people of all abilities to train.
Keep up the great work coaches.

Kim Forsythe: I am a 49 year-old woman and am so incredibly happy that I chose to join Coastal Crossfit with Chris and Marie.  I know many folks my age might be put off by what could be perceived as a very intense form of exercise only suited to already fit youngsters (i.e. under 30) – but I hope that I can persuade anyone in my age range to at least give Coastal Crossfit a try. Why?

1. Chris and Marie are not only very well-educated trainers with a wealth of experience, but they are dedicated to ensuring that each member of Coastal Crossfit is set on a path to achieve the highest level of health and fitness given his or her personal goals and constraints.  Always proper execution is stressed over getting an impressive score for a given workout.
2. Yes, there are many younger members who will forever out-perform me – but this is irrelevant because I have my own goals and benchmarks.  This does not mean there is not friendly competition – but there is no judgement – only support and enthusiastic, genuine encouragement in the Coastal Crossfit box.
3. Even if you have specific physical issues, this can ALWAYS be worked around to ensure you are still getting a good workout suited to your level.
4. If you attend regularly you WILL see and FEEL results.  Your body will change. YOU will change. You will want to eat (even) better. You will be inspired to work harder to be the best you can be at any age.
5. Yes, it’s fun.
6. And Chris and Marie are just really, really nice.  And really fit. And balanced. And they care.

If you are even considering Crossfit…this is the place to be.

Mark Ferris: I joined Coastal Crossfit around a year ago and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Chris and Marie take a very professional approach but there is still a fun and friendly atmosphere. In addition to the rigorous work-outs, I’ve enjoyed the competitions and social events. I have no difficulty recommending Coastal Crossfit – in fact, our daughter, Natalie – 13 years old – has recently signed up too!!

Adam van der Helm: Since joining Coastal Crossfit I have gained strength, stamina and a well rounded level of fitness. I have kept reasonably active most of my life and have trainined under various coaches, including other CF boxes. I find Chris’s and Marie’s coaching second to none. They are knowledgeable and have a very holistic approach to their training. They practice what they preach and lead by example. I have no hesitations in recommending Chris, Marie and the Coastal Crossfit team to anyone looking to get fit and increase their  strength and mobility in an enjoyable and encouraging environment.

Aideen Gardener: So I’m a newbie to CrossFit. I’ve been wanting to try it for about a year or so but held back because I was afraid. I definitely wish that I had started sooner.
I was surprised to learn that everything is scalable so every day I can participate and it’s still very challenging. I’ve been really lucky with coastal CrossFit as the crew have spent quite a bit of time with me showing the movements and breaking them down and it’s always OK to ask questions.
It’s pretty inspiring seeing some of the guys and girls from my sessions killing the workouts and it definitely drives you to want to be better. I think what daunted me so much about crossfit was being the weakest or slowest but CrossFit is really just about competing with yourself. The guys at coastal crossfit keep a record of all your scores so it’s measurable which I love so you can see yourself improving. I think the most important thing when starting out is show up as much as you can and be positive. There will be so many things you won’t know how to do but you wouldn’t believe how much you will learn in a short space of time.

Ben Murphy: I only started cross fit 3 ½ months ago, my results have been far beyond my expectations. The team at CCF are not only friendly and accommodating but are extremely positive and have the expertise to coach group sessions while tailoring specific training elements and fault correcting all individuals while training, the whole gym is very welcoming and friendly. I am very happy I train at such a great gym.

Nikki Civitarese: My experience with becoming a Coastal Crossfit member has been nothing but positive. Upon joining, Chris and Marie made me feel very comfortable, not only did they assess my abilities and scale programs to suit them, they also went through and assessed my nutritional plan and game gave which has reflected a positive change in my body.
The atmosphere at Coastal Crossift is fun and very welcoming, and all of the trainers are friendly and approachable and ensure that the work out is scaled to your individual abilities, so everyone can benefit from each work out.
When I first started at Coastal Crossfit, I couldn’t do even 1 push up, pull up or run more than 400m without stopping or getting puffed out, but with techniques and training given, now I can run 2.4km without stopping, do consecutive push-ups and even do jumping pull ups. I have been amazed at my own abilities since starting at Coastal Crossfit, I have become more toned, fitter and stronger than I have been in a very very long time.
I would highly recommend Coastal Crossfit to  anyone looking to become, faster, stronger, fitter or improve their health and lifestyle, it is a great community to be part of.

Dan Cashin: I joined Coastal CrossFit originally to fill a 4 month off season of another sport. It is now approaching 4 years later and I am still as addicted as when I started and now consider it a part of my life.
I continue to learn and improve every week and although I have no goals to compete in the sport, I enjoy the competitive banter with the many friends I have made. Chris and Marie have the knowledge and experience to deliver a program that keeps you motivated and wanting to improve. Over time they have also been the major factor in educating me on improving my diet. I now have a much better understanding of what foods I need to eat and how much.
For anyone like me with a busy work and family life, Coastal CrossFit is a great way to stay fit and healthy in a competitive atmosphere and learn new skills.

Mel Porter: As a newer addition to Coastal CrossFit, my experiences have been nothing but positive. With the combination of Chris’s programming and coaching, I have personally felt myself improve physically, and mentally, beyond belief in the past couple of weeks. As an aspiring competitive athlete, having the opportunity to be coached by such a respected and accomplished athlete in the CrossFit community is what I believe to be one of the most motivational parts of my involvement with Coastal. As an athlete that also just wants to enjoy training and do what I love everyday, the atmosphere and camaraderie at Coastal CrossFit is always welcoming and supportive towards every single person that walks in the door, even at the 5am session! On a lighter note, Coastal CrossFit has also provided me with a clean and organised environment, where plates are put back in pairs and the mats are always clean, and this couldn’t make me happier. I made one of the best decisions I have ever made when I messaged Chris about trying Coastal and I just can’t recommend his coaching and gym enough!

Karen Williams: I have been going to Coastal Crossfit with Chris and Marie for nearly 2 years and have been very impressed with the care and attention they have given to me. Last year Chris helped me with my eating plan which resulted in me losing 13 kg. I have also had an injury to my knee and now my shoulder which they have been only too happy to help me modify workouts so that I could continue improving my fitness. Crossfit is a great way to improve fitness by doing workouts that you would never try doing by yourself, you are encouraged to try things that you would never have thought you would be able to do.