The WOD's


WOD: Monday

For time:
50 Back Squats 60/40kg
25 Pull-ups
100 Double-unders
50 Front Squats 50/35kg
25 Pull-ups
100 Double-unders
50 Overhead Squats 40/30kg
25 Pull-ups
100 Double-unders


WOD: Saturday

Come on in for a team/partner workout.
Format will depend on numbers.


WOD: Friday

Three rounds for time of:
Run 800m
5 rounds of Strict Cindy.
*1 round of Cindy is 5 Pull-ups, 10 Push-ups, 15 Squats.


WOD: Thursday

Five rounds for time of:
15 Push Jerk 60/40kg
15 C2B Pull-ups


WOD: Wednesday

Seven rounds x 2 min. rounds:
Row 300/275m
Max reps Double-unders
*Rest as necessary between rounds


WOD: Tuesday

For time:
50 Cal. Row
50 Box Step-over 22.5/15kg (20″ box)
50 Toes to Bar
50 Deadlift 85/50kg
50m Walking Lunge

WOD: Monday

WOD: Monday

A. Pause Overhead Squat + Overhead Squat
*Pause for 10 seconds in the first rep.
*Build in weight across 5-7 sets.
Notes: The goal here is to develop strength in position. Develop a strong overhead squat and you’ve superseded the mobility requirements for almost every other squat based movement in CrossFit.

B. 30-20-10 reps for time of:
DB Squat Snatch 15/10kg
Burpees (over the DB)
Notes: As above, this workout will reward athletes with good mobility and hopefully encourage those who don’t to work their weaknesses.


WOD: Saturday

In 20 minutes:
30 Snatch for time.

30 Clean & Jerk for time.

*The rest break in the middle is up to you but you must complete Grace on or before 20 minutes for Rx’d. Your score is the total of your work time.



WOD: Friday

*Never fear, if you can’t/don’t want to climb a rope, there will be plenty of options. Don’t forget your long socks.

Option 1:
AMRAP in 20 minutes:
2 Rope Climb
10/7 HSPU
50 Double-unders
*The first rope climb is legless.

Option 2:
1 Rope Climb
10/7 Push-ups
30 Double-unders


WOD: Thursday

A. 5 x 50m Farmers Carry
*2 x 25m efforts with a compulsory put down at each end.
*Rest as necessary between efforts.

B. 5 x 30m Overhead Carry
*3 x 10m efforts with a compulsory put down at each end.
*Rest as necessary between efforts.

Thanks to Tom Bennett for the photo @Tom_Bennett_Photo