The WOD's

WOD: Monday

Monday & Wednesday 10:15am (starts today).

Five rounds, each for time:
Row 400/350m
15 Burpees (over paralettes)

Photo: Daniel. You may not recognise this face as Daniel joins us for personal training 3 times a week. I wanted to give a shout out for his dedication and hard work in every session. Hopefully we can convince him to join the group occasionally.

WOD: Saturday

Partner workout
Two rounds for time of:
Run 560m
50 Wall Ball 9/6kg
Run 560m
50 Box Step-overs 22.5/15kg (single Dumbbell) 20"

*One partner completes the run the other Wallball, then swap.
*You must wait for your partner to finish their element prior to changing.

Photo: Dani A. One of the most down to earth ladies I know. No fuss, positive and gives everything her best. Something you may not know about Dani is she is a gun on a dirt bike.


21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:
Hang Power Clean 40/30kg
Push Jerk 40/30kg
*Pay 10 Burpees for every break within the round.
*20 minute cut-off.

Photo: Penny. The only person I know that looks great at the end of a WOD – she works hard just doesn’t let it show. Always brings a laugh and dance to the workout. We love your style!!!

WOD: Thursday

A. Deadlift 5 x 5
*Maintain weight across.

B. 5 Rounds for time of:
10 Single Arm Russian Swing RH 24/16kg
5 Deadball Over the Shoulder 45/30kg
10 Single Arm Russian Swing LH
5 Deadball Over the Shoulder

WOD: Wednesday

For reps:
5 minute: Row (cal)
5 minute: Air squat
3 minute: Hand release push-ups
3 minute: Toes to bar
1 minute: Flexed Arm Hang (sec)
1 minute: L-Sit (sec)

Photo: Welcome back Kate. We are looking forward to seeing what you can achieve.

WOD: Tuesday

12 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean (Power or Squat)

Three rounds for time:
30 kettlebell swings 24/16kg
15 burpees onto a plate

Photo: Mark M. We love having this guy with us each 9:15am. One of the nicest guys you would meet.

WOD: Monday

Three rounds for time of:
75 Double-unders
20 Overhead Squats 50/35kg
75 Double-unders
9 Bar Muscle-ups

Photo: Kyra. This lady gives me so much inspiration in life. She is a great example of how hard work and determination can pay off. And her dedication for assisting troubled youth is incredible. Thank you Kyra.

WOD: Saturday

Five rounds for time of:
Run 180m
Bearcrawl 15m
Run 180m
Walking lunge 15m
Run 180m
15 Pull-ups

Photo: It has been great having Chris G back on track after Covid. If you haven’t trained with this guy you are missing out!! His wicked sense of humor can make any grueling workout bearable but it’s even better if he appears to be suffering more than you. A huge thank you for always encouraging everyone around you, your high fives on a run and your not so subtle jokes…. You are a huge part of our community- Thank you!!!

WOD: Friday

Five rounds for time of:
20 Dumbbell Snatch 22.5/15kg
75 Double-unders

Photo: Meet Ben. We are happy to have him with us as part of our 5:30am crew. Super coachable and ready for a challenge. Keep doing what you're doing - exciting times ahead.

WOD: Thursday

Partner workout.
For time:
20-2 reps of Wall ball 9/6kg 10′
10/7 Push-ups

*One partner completes wall ball while the other completes push-ups. You can not move on until each person has completed their repetitions.

Photo: Welcome Tash – A new face in the box. You may see her sprinting pass you on the run. This girl is fast!!