Our Staff

Chris Saliba – Owner/Trainer

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I grew up on the Sunshine Coast hinterland and spent most of my childhood years riding a motorbike.  After finishing high school I joined the Royal Australian Airforce as an Aircraft Technician and after completing my trade, made the transition to Physical Training Instructor until the end of my 10 year service.
I first discovered CrossFit in 2007 and quickly fell in love with the concept. Prior to that my training was pretty typical of the defence force – isolation weight training and a bit of extra cardio through circuits and running.

Since then I haven’t looked back and have gone on to open one of the first CrossFit gyms in Australia with my wife Marie and have competed at the CrossFit games Australian Regionals 3 times and won the Queensland weightlifting championships as an under 69kg lifter.

I am a self coached athlete and have learned a tonne of valuable lessons through this process and love passing on my knowledge to others.

Education & Qualifications:
Bob Takano Weightlifting Course (Nov 2013)
The Outlaw Way – Training Camp (Jan 2013)
CrossFit Football Trainers Course (Dec 2012)
CrossFit Coaches Prep. Course (Jan 2011)
CrossFit Gymnastics Course (Dec 2010)
CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification (Nov 2009)
QLD Weightlifting Assoc. Level 1 Coach (Jul 2009)
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (May 2009) (Sept 2016)
Royal Australian Airforce PTI (2005 – 2008)
Certificate IV in Fitness (2005)
Certificate III in Fitness (2005)
Senior First Aid & Bronze Medallion
Abseil Instructor
Royal Australian Airforce – Aircraft Technician (1998-2005)

Awards & Competition Experience:
– 2013 National Weightlifting Championships
– 2013 Queensland Weightlifting Championships : 1st Place Under 69kg Men
– 2013 CrossFit Open
– 2012 CrossFit Games Australasian Regional 39th
– 2012 CrossFit Games Open: 33rd
– 2012 CrossFit Brisbane Hardnup Challenge
– CrossFit King Open Day/Competition: 3rd
– 2011 CrossFit Games – Australasian Regional: 40th
– 2011 CrossFit Open: 39th Australasian Region
– 2011 AWF CrossFit Weightlifting Challenge: 1st Place Overall
– 2011 Rock Hard Challenge: 3rd Place
– 2010 CrossFit Arena Games Day: Finalist
– 2010 CrossFit Brisbane – Hardn’up Challenge: Finalist
– 2010 CrossFit Games: Australasian Regional Competitor
– 2010 CrossFit Northside – Bayside Challenge: Finalist
– 2010 CrossFit Games: Qld Sectional Competitor (10th Place)
– 2010 CrossFit Rocks – Rock Hard Challenge (9th)
– 2009 CFX Wounded Warrior Games Day
– 2009 CrossFit Brisbane – Hardn’up Challenge
– 2006 Australian Defence Force Bodybuilding: 2nd Place
– Commanding Officers Comendation: Royal Australian Airforce
– 2005 Student of Merit: Physical Training Instructors Course; Australian Defence Force Physical Training School


Marie Saliba – Owner/Trainer

Marie is a peoples person and has the ability to relate to anyone she meets. As the mother of two children Marie has had first hand experience in the effectiveness of the CrossFit prescription toward achieving post natal fitness. Marie has a keen interest in finance and investment and recently completed her degree in Financial Planning.

Education & Qualifications:
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (Feb 10) (Sept 2016)

Bachelor of Business (Financial Planning) 2008
Certificate IV in Fitness
Certificate III in Fitness
Royal Australian Airforce – Supplier
Certificate IV: Transportation & Distribution
Certificate IV: Workplace Trainer and Assessor

Awards & Competition Experience:
– CrossFit King Open Day/Competition: 3rd
– 2011 CrossFit Open: 80th Australasian Region
– 2010 CrossFit Arena Games Day: Finalist
– 2010 CrossFit Brisbane – Hardn’up Challenge: Finalist
– 2010 CrossFit Games – Qld Sectionals
– 2010 CrossFit Rocks – Rock Hard Challenge
– 2009 Coastal CrossFit – Clash on the Coast: Finalist
– Australia Day Medallion
– Commanding Officers Comendation; Royal Australian Airforce
– RAAF – Supply Basic Course; Dux


Gillian Russom – Trainer

Gill had always been fairly active growing up playing netball like her mother and two older sisters, but found her love for CrossFit through her husband at the age of 24 and thanks him for the exposure everyday. As it opened up a new appreciation of health, increased her confidence immensely and helped her find a job she had a true passion for. She has now been coaching CrossFit for 7 years.
Gill loves seeing client’s progress through coaching, but has a particular passion for helping females come out for their shell, really see what they can achieve and not to be afraid to be a ‘strong’ woman.
Through CrossFit Gill also found her other main passion, nutrition. Which she now also does as a profession alongside Coaching.
Gill and her husband owned a CrossFit gym in Melbourne for 8 years until they recently moved to the Sunshine Coast to live the lifestyle in the sunshine that they had dreamed about for years.

Education and Qualifications:
CrossFit Level 2 Coach
CrossFit Gymnastics
Certificate in Human Nutrition
WAG certified Coach
Awards and Competition Experience:
Top 200 Australia Wide in 2020 CrossFit Open

Mark Brackley – Trainer

Mark is a self-confessed CrossFit nerd. He fell in love with the competition and technicality of CrossFit from his first WOD and never looked back. He can quite literally say it changed his life. At the time he was doing well in his corporate job and had his first child on the way but responsibility and common sense couldn’t deter him from wanting to spend less time in a suit and tie and more time under a barbell. He had not just drunk the cool-aid, he was swimming in it!

He promptly quit his job, took his CrossFit level 1 course, signed up for his Cert III and Cert VI in Fitness and realised he had the most understanding wife in the world. Ever since then he has been working in several CrossFit boxes in Melbourne and loves every day in his new career. He loves being able to help people get fitter, to fall in love with his favorite sport but most importantly live healthier, happier lives. He moved to the Sunshine Coast with his wife and 2 year old Son Ollie in Dec 2019 and when not coaching or working out, can be found at the beach building sandcastles with his family or surfing badly.
We are excited to have Mark join our community. His passion of CrossFit and his desire to assist others towards a better quality life through health and fitness is contagious.

Education & Qualifications:
CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Gymnastics
Cert III and IV in Fitness
Precision Nutrition Coach Level 1
Australian Weightlifting Federation Level 1 Trainer