The WOD's

WOD: Thursday

Five rounds for load:
3 x Press
3 x Push Press
3 x Push Jerk
*Complete all 9 repetitions as an unbroken complex.
* Rest as necessary between rounds.

WOD: Wednesday

Ten rounds for time:
10 Pull-ups
50m Deadball carry 45/30kg
15 Toes to kettlebell
50m Deadball carry 45/30kg
*Advanced athletes work C2B or strict pull-ups.

Photo: Luke B. I have been trying to get a quality photo of this man for a while. Regularly the first to arrive for our 5:30am session his dedication to improving and learning is second to none. Your coachability is a huge asset - congrats on nailing your Double-unders and bar Muscle-ups. Very exciting times ahead!!!

WOD: Tuesday

A. Overhead Squat 10-10-10-10
B. For time:
30 Goblet Squats 22.5/15kg
30 Alternating lunges 22.5/15kg
30 Air Squats
Run 200m
20 Goblet Squats 22.5/15kg
20 Alternating lunges 22.5/15kg
20 Air Squats
Run 200m
10 Goblet Squats 22.5/15kg
10 Alternating lunges 22.5/15kg
10 Air Squats
Run 200m

Photo: Kim. Consistently attending 5 sessions per week Kim has had an awesome couple of months of achievements. We could not be prouder!!!

WOD: Monday

AMRAP in 18 minutes of:
30 Burpees (over barbell)
150 Double-under
30 Hang Power Cleans 60/40kg

Photo: Chris G. Our Maverick poster boy!! So great to see his smiling face much more lately. For those that don’t know Chris has started his own business to know more check out MANbyilluminate. So great to see you doing what you love!!

WOD: Friday

7 x 2 minute efforts:
Row 300/250m
Max rep double unders

Rest between rounds.

Photo: Fran. One of ladies who continues to challenge herself, resulting in continued achievements. Get yourself uncomfortable- force your mind and body to adapt. It is so great seeing your progression Fran. Keep up the great work!!

WOD: Thursday

For time:
50 Kettlebell swings 32/24kg
40 Toes to bar
30 Cal bike
20 Handstand push-ups
10 Bar Muscle-ups

Photo: Mark B. We are super happy to have this awesome guy as part of our Coaching crew. Giving some in house competition and keeping you all on track, it feels like he has always been a part of our community. Thank you Mark.

WOD: Wednesday

A. Front Squat: 3-3-3-3-3

B. Pull-up: 10 x 3
*Maintain the most difficult standard/weight you are capable of across the sets.

Photo: Michaela. It was great having this lady with us. Over the past few months she has moved from strength to strength. She has now moved by to the Gold Coast for uni but we will hopefully see her back frequently.

WOD: Tuesday

Five rounds for time:
15 Snatch 35/25kg *
25 Deadlift 35/25kg *
Run 400m
*Barbell movements to be completed as unbroken touch & go sets for RXD.
*Rest as necessary between Snatch and Deadlift to achieve this goal.

Photo: Lloyd. I can always guarantee Lloyd and his competitors (Bodo and Timmy) will be at a 5:30am session when we program bench press and we love it. Thank you for keeping life exciting with your jokes, mischief and TikToks.

WOD: Monday

EMOM x 27 mins:
Min 1. Row (cal)
Min 2. Ring front support (sec)
Min 3. Rest
Min 4. Shuttle Run x 10m
Min 5. Flexed arm hang (sec)
Min 6. Rest
Min 7. Burpees (reps)
Min 8. L-sit (sec)
Min 9. Rest

Photo: Welcome back Chantal. It is awesome having you back in the box.