Our Gym

Who are we?
Coastal CrossFit is the longest running CrossFit gym on the Sunshine Coast. We have been in operation since 2009.

We are a family-based business owned and operated by husband and wife team, Chris and Marie Saliba. We first discovered CrossFit back in 2007 when we were both in the Airforce and officially affiliated as a CrossFit gym in 2009 when it was virtually an unknown in Australia. Since then we have watched CrossFit grow to a household name with now over 500 CrossFit gyms in Australia.
Our community:
We have a family focused community. Our gym is a welcoming environment full of people of all ages and ability levels and in many cases, we have husbands, wives and their children who all train at our gym.
You will notice that our gym has an atmosphere more like that or a sporting club than a franchise gym – our staff and members are welcoming and encouraging and you will soon feel at home.
Our training philosophy:
We understand there is a huge difference between CrossFit for competition and CrossFit for the general population.

We provide functional training for the general population (Everyday people aiming to be healthier and fitter, making your quality of life easier and better).
We do this through education, quality movement, injury prevention and body maintenance.

Our classes are small group sessions of approx. 6-12 people allowing us to provide personalized coaching for each individual within a group setting.

Our program is designed to improve all aspects of fitness and suit the needs of our client base.  Everyday is different- you won’t get bored and we guide you all the way from beginner through to advanced athletes.

Our typical session (1 hour):
– Group warm-up/specific warm-up.
– Explain and demonstrate the workout and movements.
– Provide modification or substitutions on an individual basis (we know our clients abilities and limitations and tailor the workout to suit their needs).
– Complete the workout (under guidance- with coaching throughout).
– Cool down and stretch.
We will guide you through the whole process- you simply turn up.
Our facility:
Our facility is 260m of purpose-built strength & conditioning located in Warana on the Sunshine Coast. Our goal from the start was to create an environment that we would love to train in – we figured if we could create our ideal training environment, then there must be other people out there who are looking for the same thing.
Why train at Coastal CrossFit?
If you’re new to CrossFit, you may not know where to start with regard to picking the right gym. We recommend you come in and try out a free session with us and let that determine your decision.

Here are some of the things we would look for if we were to join a CrossFit gym.
– Is the programming suitable for your goals?
– Do the trainers provide multiple scaling options to accommodate varying abilities?
– Is the environment and equipment safe, clean and organised?
– What is their behind the scenes like, admin, follow up, attendance tracking, goal setting etc.
– Is there enough space and equipment to accommodate their typical class sizes.
– What is the experience level of the trainers?
– Do the trainers have any experience outside of CrossFit?
– Is the website updated frequently with legibly with valuable content.
– Are the classes organised and on time?
We have all of the toys necessary to train athletes to a very high level including:
– Custom designed Maverick Strength and Condition Premium Pull-up Rig with accessories including dip bars, spotting arms, ring towers,rope towers.
– Quality Maverick barbells (Technique, 15kg & 20kg)
– Separate male and female toilets with change facilities.
– Tons of bumper plates.
– Dumbbells
– Kettlebells from 4-40kg
– Sleds (Prowlers).
– Pull Sleds
– Farmers carry handles
– 5 x Concept 2 Rowers.
– Medicine Balls/Slam Balls.
– Recovery equipment (rollers, lacrosse balls, bands etc).
– Plyo Boxes.
– Skipping Ropes.
– Climbing Ropes.
– Sandbags.
– Flat benches.
– Fat bars.
If you would like to check us out simply turn up for a free trial session (10 minutes early), give us a call Mob:0432710684 or email us coastal.crossfit.qld@gmail.com
We would love to help you on your journey towards better health and fitness.
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