Corporate/Team Building Activities

We provide team building activities to suit work groups, sporting teams or simply a bunch of friends who would like a challenge. These challenges can be a one off activity or an ongoing health and fitness program. Putting your team through the physical/mental aspects of one of these challenges can be a great way to build trust and integrity within your group as well as providing an opportunity to blow off a bit of steam outside of the work environment. The difficulty, duration and number of participants is determined by you and can be tailored to suit any desired outcome or budget.

Activities like these are becoming more and more popular as companies realise the many benefits of a healthy work place. Here are a few reasons to consider one of our programs:

Improved Productivity: You don’t need to be a genius to realise that healthy staff are more productive. Healthy people have greater energy levels, higher enthusiasm and can concentrate for longer. Furthermore employees are more likely to be attracted to, remain with, and value a company that obviously values them.

Improve Your Company’s Image: Whether we like it or not, humans are visual creatures and will always be drawn to the company with a good image. Having healthy employees is as important to the image of your business as much as having a clean toilet and a neat workplace.

Individual Benefit: Aside from the many benefits your business will enjoy through a healthy staff, the individual benefit for each and everyone involved in the program can not be overstated. Be proud that your workplace is taking steps to improve your employees lives and you will be rewarded many times over in ways you can’t imagine.