Membership Options

We offer a variety of membership options that are designed to allow you to get best value for money depending of your personal situation.  If you have any questions or have a need for a more personalised payment option, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

No contracts- We operate on a month by month payment option and do not have lock in contracts. We want you with us because you want to be with us- not because you are tied to us financially. This keeps our training environment positive (It’s a Win/Win).

Unlimited Monthly Training – $165.00
This is our most popular membership option and provides great results while still being budget friendly.  Unlimited monthly training entitles you to attend all of the sessions that we offer including daily CrossFit classes, Circuit Training, Performance Development and Nutritional Seminars.  Members who train frequently average as low as $6.80 per class – that’s hard to beat considering you are getting near personal training attention as well as the motivation of training in a group of likeminded individuals.

10 Session Pass (CrossFit) – $140.00
This option is great for members who may not be able to attend frequently due to an erratic work schedule etc.  Your 10 sessions can be spread out over 3 months which makes this option much more economical for people with situations that prevent regular attendance.
*Please note that if you are new to CrossFit an introductory session must be completed prior to starting at the cost of $60.00.

Unlimited Monthly Training + Personal Training – $265.00
This is a great in option that sits in between group training and one on one.  This membership provides all of the same benefits of the unlimited monthly membership plus 2 x one on one personal training sessions at the discounted rate of $50.00 per session (save $20).  The addition of 2 personal training sessions per month adds an enormous amount of accountability to your program and offers the chance to work through issues that otherwise might take weeks or months of normal training to overcome.  Additional one on one sessions may be added to this membership at the discounted rate of $50 per session.

One on One Training: $60 per session or 10 sessions for $500 (save $100)
This is the ultimate option for rapid advancement. Whether you’re just starting or a high level athlete, nothing compares to the service and results we can offer through one on one training. Each one on one session will be tailored exactly to YOUR goals without the need for any of the compromises that group training demands.  We are able to provide these sessions in a wide variety of time slots to suit your schedule.

Small Group Training (1-3 people)
This is a great option for someone who is possibly daunted by the thought of jumping straight into CrossFit group classes or who has come from a sedentary background and may need more of an “on ramp” into CrossFit, or it may be that their schedule just doesn’t fit with our large group classes. Small group training can be used as an on ramp into our scheduled group classes or can be a permanent arrangement depending on the requirements of the client(s). Please call to book if you are interested in this option.

Pricing for Small Group Training (1 hour sessions)
1 Person: $60.00
2 People: $40.00 (per person)
3 People: $30.00 (per person)

Online Membership – from $85.00/month
Are you a CrossFitter who trains from home or a commercial gym who would still like expert programming and coaching? Our online membership allows athletes with access to their own equipment to follow our program and receive our feedback on overall progress and specific movement coaching via email. As an online member, each week you will be forwarded a spread sheet with your training which you will fill out so we can monitor and give you feedback on your progress. Additionally, you are entitled to send us 10 videos per month so that we can give you specific feedback on areas you need to work on such as the Olympic lifts and gymnastic movements.

FIFO or on a Roster?
If you work fly in, fly out or have an unusual roster, please call us – we are happy to work out a payment schedule that fits your circumstances.

The Sunshine Coast is a fantastic holiday destination and we love having visiting CrossFitters. Our drop in rate is $20.00 for a once off however we are happy to offer a weekly rate if you’re staying on the Coast for a little longer.

Payment Options:
- Direct Debit (via Ezidebit)
- Credit card (via Ezidebit)
- Cash

- Direct Debit does not lock you into a contract and can be cancelled at any time. Please talk to staff if you have any queries.
- Direct Debit can be placed on hold for extended periods of absence e.g. holidays.