WOD: Thursday

A. Bench Press
5 x 8-10 repetitions

B. For time:
100 Pull-ups
100 Burpees

*10 minute cut-off
* Partition repetitions anyhow
* Each repetition is worth 1 point.

Photo: Taz leading the Demolition Crew through their team chant. Sticking with the military theme all the way!!!

WOD: Wednesday

A. Spend 10 minutes working towards quality dumbbell overhead squats. B. Increment as far as possible in 10 minutes: 5 Dumbbell Snatch 22.5/15kg 15 Double-unders *Increment reps by 5/15 each round. Photo: Bec & Travis. Date day at the box- nothing better!!

WOD: Tuesday

Note: This session will be tight for time please know your numbers prior to turning up.

A. Back Squat (Week 2) (Calculate upon 90% of 1RM)
70% x 3
80% x 3
90% x 3+

B. Partner Workout
3 x 3 minute rounds:
2 x 1 minute max cal row
60 second flexed arm hang

Rest 2 minute

3 x 3 minute rounds:
2 x 1 minute max cal bike
60 second plank

* Each partner must complete 1 minute on rower/bike.
* Flexed arm hang and plank can be shared anyhow between the partners within the 3 minute round.

Photo: Christine. Welcome to Coastal- jumping straight into the mix for the Coastal IN-BOX Open. Great to have you on board.

WOD: Monday

A. Clean 3-3-3-3-3-3-3
*Increment in weight across sets.
* Sets are 3 x individual reps with a re-grip between. These are not intended to be touch & go.

B. For reps:
3 min: Toes to Bar
3 min: Push-ups
2 min: Toes to Bar
2 min: Push-ups
1 min: Toes to Bar
1 min: Push-ups

Photo: Henning. Participating in his first Open as part of the Demolition crew. Congratulations Henning on your participation, efforts and achievements throughout this time.

WOD: Saturday

3 x 5 minutes rounds for max reps at each station:
0 – 2 min: Run 360m then double-unders
2-3 min: Dumbbell Snatch 22.5/15kg
3-4 min: Burpees
4-5 min: Dumbbell Thrusters 2 x 15kg, 2 x 10kg

Rest 5 minutes between rounds.

WOD: Friday

Five rounds for max repetitions:
Shoulder to Overhead 2/3, 3/4 BW

*Rest as necessary between movements.

Photo: Sharni. Since returning Sharni has shown awesome commitment and positivity. That along with her coachability has seen her constant progression. Awesome work Sharni!!!

WOD: Thursday

A. Back Squat (Calculated upon 90% 1RM) 65% x 5 75% x 5 85% x 5+ * *Complete the max reps at 85% B. Wall Ball 50-40-30 reps. *Rest 1 minute between sets. * Aim for unbroken sets. Photo: Leigh - Absolutely killing it during the Open. She is always prepared to give anything ago and keeps us laughing the whole way. She doesn't take herself to seriously and is always the first one to take the conversation to the gutter- just the way we like it!!!

WOD: Wednesday

For time:
2km Bike
20 Deadball Over Shoulder 45/30kg
1km Row
20 Deadball Over Shoulder 45/30kg
2km Run

Photo: Mike Greeff.
Stepping outside of your comfort zone (physically and mentally) in training prepares you to take on any challenge life can throw your way. Sharing the pain with friends makes the journey better!!!

WOD: Tuesday

25-20-15-10-5 reps for time of:
Dumbbell Shoulder to Overhead (2 x 22.5/2 x 15kg)
Toes to Bar

Photo: Tim M. Our very own Spartan poster boy!! Thanks to Paul for the photo.

WOD: Monday

Let’s build strength!!!
This will mark the start of our Back Squat progression so we encourage you all to attend.

A. 1RM Back Squat

B. Advance for 7 minutes:
5 Push ups
5 Strict Sit ups
*Add 5 repetitions to each movement per round.

Photo: Congratulations to Nate on completing the CrossFit Open Qualifier over the weekend. Awesome work Nate- you should be so proud of your continued achievements.