WOD: Friday

Members please check Facebook for warm-up, WOD Brief & Movement videos. Log in your ZOOM time or Home WOD.
“SIP & STRETCH” @5pm – Be sure to login early.

Attendance across the board has been great-Keep it up!!
Feedback from Mark regarding those on the Nutrition challenge has been really positive. Well done!!
Our crew has shown so much resilience, adaptability and most importantly community!!! We look back on this past week and can’t help but be overwhelmed from the love and support and have so much pride in our community!! Thank you each and every one of you.

Keep the photos coming. If you are training at home be sure to log it so you get the credit you deserve.

Run/Row/Skip 2 minutes.
Mobility: 3 rounds of:
Single leg Romanian deadlift 3-5 per side
Downward dog + ankle stretch
Dynamic hips (circles, pulses, etc)

Progression: 5 repetitions of each movement:
Push-ups>Sumo Deadlift> Run 10m Foward/Backwards x 2
Sprawl>Russian KB Swings>Run 10m Foward/Backwards x 2
Burpees>Full Kettlebell Swings> Run 10m Foward/Backwards x 2

0-5 Minutes:
Run 800-1000m (2 mins out/back)
5-15 Minutes: EMOM x 10minutes
10-15 Kettlebell Swings
15-20 Minutes:
Max repetition burpees (onto plate)

*Scored component is the burpees.

Scaling/substitution: Dumbbell Swings or plate Ground to Overhead.

#Notes: You should come in around 4 minutes from the run to allow rest prior to the EMOM. Pick a range of motion and repetitions for the KB that allows for completion in 40 seconds or less on the first round. Hold that number across all 10 rounds.
Your burpees are the scored component- work our your best strategy to earn the highest repetitions.

*Saturday heads up- Grab yourself a real life partner or a Zoom partner.
Photo: Courtesy of Mykie. Daniel’s after pic following the WOD.

WOD: Thursday

Members check out warm-up/WOD Brief & movement video. Be sure to book in for Zoom session on members Facebook page.

Run/Row/skip 2 minutes.
2 rounds of:
Dynamic hips x 10
Plank to Front Support x 5
40 seconds High knees/Boots to Glutes

3 rounds of:
5-7 Goblet Squat/Front Squat (light)
5-7 Push Press
20 second Plank

Work your weight up for thrusters.

Four rounds for time of:
25 Thrusters *
60 second plank hold
Run 400m

*Repetitions for thrusters have been selected to accommodate for lighter loads of Dumbbells and Kettlebells.
Barbell: If you are able to go heavier on a barbell choose a weight that allows for 15 repetitions to be completed in no more than 2 sets on your first round.
*Plank- aim or unbroken on all rounds
*400m run is designed to be between 1.45-2.00 minutes of work. Set your distance by establishing 1 minute out (=1 minute return) during your warm up.

*Four rounds allows you to push relatively hard on all elements. Be sure you can get straight onto the thrusters following your run.

*Record your time/equipment and weight.

Photo: A picture tells 1000 words Lloyd.

WOD: Wednesday

Book your Zoom session in and check out the movement videos on our members page. You are all smashing it!!!

*Note for members with home gym set ups I have sent out additional workouts to allow for more variety in your training. This is available for all members.

3 Rounds:
Bear crawl 10 m
Sit-up & Reach x 5
Spider man x 10 m
Lunges x 10 (5 per side)

3 cycles of:
Scorpion Stretch x 3 per side
Iron cross x 3 per side
Glute bridge x 5 (3 sec hold at top)

AMRAP in 20 minutes of:
50 x Box Step ups (add weight)
50 x Sprawls
50 x Strict Sit-ups (or 25 V-ups)
50 m Bear crawl

Scaling 1: AMRAP of 25 repetitions of each movement.
Scaling 2: AMRAP of 10 repetitions of each movement.

*Add weight to box step up where possible (Weight held anywhere).
If no where to complete box step up- complete same repetitions in lunges.
*Advanced athletes scale up to V-Snaps (no further scaling).

Photo: Courtesy of Kelly- Heather completing WOD at home.

WOD: Tuesday

Please note our Zoom links, warm-up, WOD brief and movement videos can all be found on our members Facebook page.
With further changes implementing the way we do business

A. 5 Rounds of:
Bent over row 8-12 reps
– Barbell or
– Dumbbell or
– Kettlebell
Max effort ‘Push’
– Push-ups
– Dips
*Complete as a super set then rest between rounds

B. 10 minute ascending ladder of double-under:
Pick rep scheme that suits your abilities.
Eg. 2-4-6-8…. Advanced athletes 10-20-30-40…
*Sets must be unbroken to count. If you fail a set eg. 38/40 reps, you must repeat that set until you complete all reps unbroken.
Your score is the total sets unbroken Eg. 60/60.

Note#This is a time to get creative with your equipment. Look around and use what objects you can for static dips- hay bales, kitchen stools, boxes. Think outside of the “box”.

Photo: These little legends are always keen for a WOD. They know how to adapt as well. Who would have thought trampoline for supine rows- I call this brilliant!!!

WOD: Monday

Please book your ZOOM Sessions- all links found on Facebook members page.

Option 1 – Barbell
EMOM x 20 minutes:
2 Power Cleans +
2 Front Squats +
2 Push Jerks

Option 2 – Dumbell or light kettlebell
EMOM x 20 minutes:
Min 1. 2 Power Cleans/KB Swings +2 Front Squat + 2 Push Jerk (Each side)
Min 2. 10 x 10m Shuttle Run

Option 3 – Kettlebell
EMOM x 20 minutes:
Min 1. 3 Kettlebell Swings + 3 Goblet Squat + 3 Push Press
Min 2. 10 x 10m Shuttle Run

Notes: Choose option depending upon equipment available to you.
Option 1: Pick a weight that allows for good movement. Approx. 30 seconds of work.
Only dump the bar if you have mats. Otherwise aim for unbroken sets (Chris did 80-70kg broken, Marie did 42.5kg unbroken).
Option 2/3: Aim for approx 30 seconds of work.
Scaling: Adjust repetitions and/or range of movement for kettlebell as required. Reduce reps on most difficult movement for you (Eg. 1 Front/Goblet Squat). Move fast on the run.
*The addition of the run for minute 2 is aimed at controlling overall volume of the workout.
*This is designed for you to have some recovery between sets. If you are no longer getting rest reduce weight to allow for repeatable quality movement.

Photo: Mel & Leesa don’t miss a Zoom session- they have been meeting in the park and zooming in together. Awesome work ladies!!

WOD: Saturday

Join us for a Zoom WOD and stay for a coffee.

Skip x 2 min. or 2 min. run.
3 rounds:
Backward Bend > Inch Worm > Dynamic Hips x 10 > Roll Over > Sit-up & Reach x 7.
Practice Candlestick (determine your own standard of movement).

For time:
20-2 Sprawl
5 x 10m Shuttle Run
10-1 Candlestick
5 x 10m Shuttle Run

You should aim to sprint through the sprawls and shuttle runs as these are low cost movements. Place a high priority on achieving the highest movement standard that you are capable of in the candlesticks – these are the crux of the workout.
There should be no need to scale volume if you have picked an appropriate standard of difficulty in the candlesticks.

Photo of the Day: Family “Sip & Stretch” – just the way we like it!!!

Please note: Depending upon weather we will be running a Bootcamp session at the beach from 4pm. Be sure to book in via Members Facebook page.

WOD: Friday

Don’t forget to RSVP for our “SIP & STRETCH” session at 5:00pm. See you in the ZOOM ROOM- Times are on the Members Facebook page.

A. EMOM x 10 minutes:
‘X’ Push-ups or
‘X’ Handstand Push-ups
*Chose your movement and repetitions and maintain repetitions across all 10 minutes. Think total volume: 6 reps = 60 total.

B. Three rounds for time of:
15 Power Cleans (Fast single), or
25-30 Dumbbell Snatch, or
30-50 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
50 Squats/Pistols (alternating)

*Choose option Power Cleans, DB Snatch or SDHP) based around the equipment you have at hand.
*If weights are lighter choose higher repetitions.
*Advanced athletes may complete pistols.

Photo: Where are you training? Zoom- take me anywhere & we will WOD together!! Sara – Photo of the day (the only photo posted). Let’s make this a thing. I saw some epic set-ups and surroundings- share it with us.

WOD: Thursday

*Please note that this is the same workout as the Online crew. Please jump on board for some accountability, guidance and banter!

All ZOOM Links are available on our Coastal CrossFit Members Facebook page – See you soon:

3 rounds of
30 sec. skip
10 x Sit-up & Reach (with backward roll/knees to chest)
30 sec. Samson Stretch (per side/pulse hips)


3 rounds:
Downward dog + ankle mobility
10 x Iron Cross
10 x Scorpion

For time:
500 Single Skip
100 Mountain Climbers
50 Toes to Kettlebell/DB/Barbell/Rock
400 Single Skip
80 Mountain Climbers
40 Toes to Kettlebell
300 Single Skip
60 Mountain Climbers
30 Toes to Kettlebell
200 Single Skip
40 Mountain Climbers
20 Toes to Kettlebell
100 Single Skip
20 Mountain Climbers
10 Toes to Kettlebell
*Scaling/notes: Don’t let the big numbers scare you in this workout – these volumes are well within most of your capacity. If you have concerns, reverse the order and work to a cut off eg. 10 min. You can always do it twice if you feel like you over-scaled it.
The most potent part of the workout will be the T2KB (use any object you like to anchor your hands). If this is a weaker area, you can reduce the reps and/or range of motion (eg. work to 90 degrees).
*Advanced athletes may opt for 150-120-90-60-30 double-unders. This will reduce the overall time (possibly) but will certainly add intensity.

*Photo: Our first Zoomers- awesome work crew. Special mention of Josh, Elise, Amanda & Kyra who completed at 5:30am starting in the dark and the rain.

WOD: Wednesday

*Hi All,
We have just had some great news!!!As per the very recent announcement regarding training studios we are allowed maximum of 10 people for training.
We will run the 5:30am and 6:30am class via Zoom as arranged then work out a plan moving forward starting with the 9:15am session. We will introduce a book in system to ensure we adhere to the rules and will run additional sessions where necessary to ensure everyone gets a chance to train. Please bare with us through this stage- things seem to be changing very quickly.

5 Rounds for time of:
20m bearcrawl
20m walking lunges
Run 400m

WOD: Tuesday

Coastal Members, could you all please take the time to fill in the attached form- http://Online training form
Equipment pick up times are scheduled for 6am, 9am & 5:30pm. Please contact Marie if these times don’t suit.

2 min. skip then,
Cycle for 2 min.
Backward bend > inchworm > downward dog + ankle mobility > cobra > back to stand
3 quick rounds of:
30 skips/5 sprawls

EMOM x 20:
1. 50 Double-unders or 100 skips or 10 x 10m shuttle run.
2. 7-10 Burpees
Advanced option: increase burpee by 1 rep each round.

– The double-unders/skipping/shuttle run is based on approx. 40 sec. of work. Scale as necessary if you’re skipping/shuttle running is not awesome!
– Burpees: This is also based on 30-40 sec. of work. Whatever number you pick, the goal is to achieve the full (challenging) 20 minutes. If you choose the advanced option, it should be a possibility to complete the 20 minutes.