WOD: Thursday

A. Clean & Jerk x EMOM x 4 mins
1 every 20 seconds (maintain light load)
Rest 1 minute
Clean & Jerk x EMOM x 4 mins
1 every 30 seconds (maintain medium load)
Rest 1 minute
Clean & Jerk x EMOM x 7 mins
1 every 60 seconds (Increase in weight)

B. Partner barbell cycling:
For time:5-5-4-4-3-3-2-2-1-1 reps of:
Touch and go Power Clean

*YGIG format. Both partners to complete all work (I.e 30 reps each). Partner 1, 5reps, partner 2, 5reps, partner 1, 5 reps, partner 2, 5 reps, then 4’s, etc. *Choose the heaviest load that allows you to move through smooth touch and go repetitions on all sets, with minimal rest (swap as soon as your partner has completed their reps).

WOD: Wednesday

A. 10 minute AMRAP:
Turkish Get-up (1 per side) 22.5/15kg
100 Skip

B. Back Squat (Cycle 4, week 4- Deload)
40% x 5
50% x 5
60% x 5 

Photo: Dob – Courtesy of Grant Williams.

WOD: Tuesday

Five rounds, each for time:
Row 400m
15 Ring Dips *
10 Box Jump Overs 24″/20″

*Rest between rounds.

Box or bar dips. Choose reps that can be completed in 3 sets.
Additional scale to Push-ups.

*Score: Fastest and slowest round= Total work time.

Photo: Torah. Another awesome photo courtesy of Grant Williams.

WOD: Monday

A. Increment for 7-10 sets
3 Thrusters

B. Partner workout
AMRAP in 10 minutes:
21-15-9 reps of:
Thrusters 42.5/30kg

*Reps to be shared anyhow between partners.
*Aim to beat Chris’s result from Saturday (Solo) 2 Frans + 3 Thrusters.
Jesse completed 1 round + 9/15 Thrusters @20kg.


7am – Team Challenge
Expect multiple workouts and some fun with the crew.

Chris will complete 10minute AMRAP of “FRAN” (You read that right!!)
The hardest workout as many times through in 10 minutes.
Chris’s best effort to date is 2:18, we are anticipating he will get through a couple of rounds at least.

We are asking for donations for breaky and support for Chris.
Any donations will be put directly towards the purchase of the BIG ASS FAN for the Gym.
Suggestions- one off donation.
An amount per repetition completed (90 Reps in single effort of Fran).

We all WIN!!!

WOD: Friday

A. Back Squat (5-3-1) (Cycle 4: Week 3)
The following percentages are based off 90% of 1RM + 15kg.
75% x 5
85% x 3
95% x 1+

B. 10 minute incrementing ladder
2x Front rack lunge 40/30kg (1 per side)
1 x Strict Pull-up

*Increment reps each round. 4-2, 6-3, 8-4, 10-5 etc.

WOD: Thursday

A. Push Press 5-5-5-5-5-5

B. Three Rounds for time:
Run 360m
50 Russian Kettlebell Swings 24/16kg

WOD: Wednesday

EMOM x 30 minutes:
Min 1. Row
Min 2. Wallball 9/6kg
Min 3. Sit-ups

*Base repetitions on round 1 @ 80-90% effort for 30 seconds, then maintain across all subsequent rounds.

Photo: Elyse. Thanks to Grant Williams for capturing the day with his awesome photography.

WOD: Tuesday

A. Deadlift 5×5
*Maintain load across all five sets.
*Go heavy but working on quality movement throughout the entire repetition. Dynamic up/ control down, like working on egg shells. Regrip/reset on each rep.

B. 100 Burpees for time.
*Ensure every rep counts!!!
*8 minute time cap.

Photo: One of my very favourite couples Chan & Andrew. Date day at the beach ;D

WOD: Monday

Five rounds for time:
12 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
10 Dumbbell Overhead Squats (Left hand) 22.5/15kg
10 Dumbbell Overhead Squats (Right hand) 22.5/15kg
60 Double-unders

*Scale: If you are unable to hit a good single arm overhead squat position, scale to an empty bar OHS or PVC.

Photo: Greg & Mark. Congratulations to these champions who completed an 80km walk (Caloundra to Noosa) in 20 hours. At 71 years old Greggy is leading the charge – if you are looking for a challenge Greg is your man. Truly inspirational guys- time for a well deserved rest.