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Bring a friend Saturday.

Share to fun- Bring a friend this Saturday 10th November @ 7am

Coastal CrossFit gives you the opportunity to spread the joy of getting fit with your friends during ‘Bring a Friend Day’, this Saturday 7:00am.
Please bring a friend or two and share with them the fun you find in our CrossFit community.

If you are new to the Sunshine Coast and looking for like minded training buddies- come and join us!!

No need to book simply turn up 10 minutes prior to the session.

Give us a call if you have any questions. Mob: 0432710684


WOD: Wednesday

A. Push Press 3-3-3-3-3

B. Three rounds for time of:
15 Hang Power Clean 50/35kg
9 Push Jerk 50/35kg
50 Double-unders


WOD: Tuesday

Advance as far as possible in 20 minutes:
10 Kipping Pull-ups
Run 400m
100m Overhead Carry 20/15kg
10 Strict Pull-ups
Run 400m
100m Overhead Carry
10 Kipping C2B Pull-ups
Run 400m
100m Overhead Carry
10 Strict C2B Pull-ups
Run 400m
100m Overhead Carry
10 Strict L-Pull-ups
Run 400m
100m Overhead Carry
Max. reps Strict L C2B Pull-ups
Compare to last time – here.


WOD: Monday

For time:
4 Cleans 100/70kg
8 Cleans 90/62.5kg
12 Cleans 80/55kg
16 Cleans 70/47.5kg
20 Cleans 60/40kg
*One barbell – weight changes are part of the workout.
*Compare your time to the reverse order – here.


WOD: Saturday

AMRAP in 40 minutes:
1 Rope Climb
5 Box Jump Overs 24/20″
9 Toes to Bar
*The workout begins with a run around the large loop (3.2km).
*Various rope climb scales and substitutions will be on offer.
*Don’t forget your long socks.

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WOD: Friday

Advance as far as possible in 20 minutes:
1 Deadlift 85/55kg
1 Push-up
Run 200m
*Add 1 rep to the deadlift and push-up per round.

Advanced version
Advance as far as possible in 20 minutes:
2 Deadlift 100/65kg
2 Handstand Push-up
Run 200m
*Add 2 reps to the deadlift and handstand push-up per round.


WOD: Thursday

A. Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5

B. Ascend as far as possible in 10 minutes:
Unbroken Double-unders
*10, 20, 30, 40 etc.


WOD: Wednesday

EMOM x 28 min.
1. 10m Handstand Walk/25 sec. Handstand Hold
2. Row 200/180m
3. Plank Hold 45 sec.
4. 10 x 10m Shuttle


WOD: Tuesday

A. Choose one of the following:
5 Sets of Max Reps Pull-ups
EMOM x 10: Pull-ups/Muscle-up
30 Muscle-ups/100 Pull-ups for time.
*10 min. cut off for all options.

B. 21-15-9 reps for time of:
DB Snatch 22.5/15kg
Burpees (over the DB)


WOD: Monday

0-5 min.
Run 800m
5-10 min.
Max reps Squat Snatch 40/30kg
10-15 min.
Run 800m
15-20 min.
Max reps Squat Clean 40/30kg
20-25 min.
Run 800m