WOD: Tuesday

Note# We saw significant improvements across the board in our strength numbers over the past Wendler progression. Don’t miss the gains- be sure to priorities your squats.

A. Hang Squat Clean + Jerk

B. Back Squat (Cycle 1- Week 1) Calculate 90% of your 1RM and use for the percentages below.
65% x 5
75% x 5
85% x 5+
5+ is designed to be a hard/not true max set. No more than 10 repetitions.*Please know your numbers prior to coming into the gym.

WOD: Monday

A. Five efforts of:
Max repetitions Strict Pull-ups (Chest to bar for advanced)
EMOM x 10 minutes:
Strict Pull-ups *
*Choose your own repetitions and maintain across all rounds.

B. 12minute incrementing ladder:
Run 180m
10 Strict Sit-ups
25 Double-unders *

*Increment double-unders by 25 repetitions per round.

Photo: There are no short cuts – Focus on the quality of your movement, gradually and speed whilst maintaining quality – this will then allow you to build intensity safety and allow for constant progression.

WOD: Saturday

For total load moved: 0-4 minutes Run 360m Max Deadlifts Rest 2 minutes 6-10 minutes Run 360m Max Power Cleans Rest 2 minutes 12-16 minutes: Run 360m Max Shoulder to Overhead Rest 2 minutes 18-22 minutes Run 360m Max Power Cleans Rest 2 minutes 24-28 minutes: Run 360m Max Deadlifts *All movements to be completed at the same weight. * Score= total repetitions x weight. Eg. 212 reps x 40kg= 8480kg moved or 180 reps x 60kg = 10800kg moved. *Use your knowledge of your own abilities to strategize for your best result.

WOD: Friday

Alternate for 18 minutes:
Minute 1: Dumbbell Thrusters (2 x 15/10kg)
Minute 2: 10 x 10m Shuttle Runs

Minute 1: 5-10-15-20-25-20-15-10-5 repetitions
Minute 2: 10x10m Shuttle Run (held across all efforts)

*WOD is for completion.
* Scaling: Choose a weight that allows for 25 unbroken thrusters (work capacity test).

*Record any missed repetitions throughout the WOD. Eg. 18/20, 24/25.
Failure: If you fail throughout the format aim to maintain the highest number you can through the difficult sets until the repetitions come back down. Eg. 18/20, 15/25, 15/20, 15/15, 10/10, 5/10. The repetitions you choose should be just achievable/not be easy.

WOD: Thursday

Four rounds, 4 min. work/1 min. rest:
75 Double-unders
25/18 Hand Release Push-ups (feet on 20kg plate)
Max. reps Toes to Bar

Photo: What an awesome day in the box!! Great to see the Back Squat progression creating gains!!

WOD: Tuesday

Shoulder Press 3-3-3-3
Push Press 3-3-3-3
Push Jerk 3-3-3-3
*Aim to increment up in weight on each of the 12 sets.
*Rest sufficiently between sets for good recovery.
*Bar is to be taken from the ground.

WOD: Monday

We could not be more excited to have you back in the box tomorrow. Please remember classes will be capped so be sure to book in via Mindbody.

A huge thank you to our amazing crew once again for being flexible and keeping one another on track. We are certainly feeling grateful for the love and support we have received.
Equipment return– please bring any borrowed equipment back to the gym Monday before or after scheduled classes. Please contact Marie if any issues.

For max repetitions:
5 minutes: Wall Ball 9/6kg
4 minutes: Burpees
3 minutes: Kettlebell Swings 24/16kg *
2 minutes: Pull-ups
1 minute: Double-unders

*Advanced athletes scaled up to 32/24kg Kettlebell

WOD: Saturday

Grab your partner and ZOOM with us. Warm-up, WOD Brief and movement videos all on the Members page.

Warm-up: Partner
Two cycle through:
Shuttle Run x 6
1. Bow & Bend, ankle & hip mobility
2. Squat rotations
3. Hollow hold/Superman
*One partner on run/other of movements. Get your communication dialed in!!

ZOOM Partner WOD:
This may require you to join in early to ensure there are no technical issues. This could be a huge success or massive fail- FUN either way!!!

Two rounds for as many reps as possible of:
2 mins: Burpees/Plank Hold
Rest 1 min
2 mins: Toes to Kettlebell or Toes to bar / Overhead hold
Rest 1 min
2 mins: Shoulder to Overhead / Wall Squat
Rest 1 min
2 mins: Goblet Squats or Pistols/ Hollow hold
Rest 1 min

*One partner must hold static movement for repetitions to be accumulated.
* Share repetitions any how between you and your partner.
* Repetitions will be recorded as one continuous count.
Partners must ensure they can see/hear each other while performing movements/ holds.

WOD: Friday

Warm up:
Increment ladder in 4 minutes of:
Sit & Reach
Shuttle Run

Then, with weight-
Five rounds of:
6 Ground to Overhead
6 Lunges
*Progress towards the weight for the workout.

Five rounds for time of:
Run 200m
30m Overhead Lunge (Single arm or plate)
Run 200m
45 sec plank hold

*Run out for approx. 30sec/back 30sec = 1 minute effort
*Choose a weight and overhead option that allows for a challenging effort (no more than 1 break to get through the 30m)
* Aim for unbroken plank

Scale: *If your lunges need work don’t add load (I.e. Body weight only) or Substitute with Squats.