Rest Day or Open WOD 14.4

Please remember that we are validating 14.4 between 2-4pm today.  Please come on in and show your support.

Don’t forget your raffle tickets for 3 x $50 meat tray being drawn today.  $2 each or 3 for $5 with all proceeds going to the Kokoda Team.  A HUGE THANKYOU to Brenden and Lance from Nautical Roofing for their kind donation and support of our team.

Check out Knight Photography for some great Open photos https://www.facebook.com/pages/Knight-Photography/152403084920938.  Thanks Kai.



WOD: Saturday

Validations for 14.4 will be happening between 7-9am today.  Please feel welcome to come in and do the workout unofficially if you are not registered for the Open.

Check out our Tips and Strategy for 14.4 – here.

WOD: Friday

A. Work to a max for the day of:
1 Power Snatch + 2 BTN Push Press + 3 Overhead Squat.

B. Opposing Ladder:
Overhead Squat (use Part A as a guide for load)
Lateral Burpees
*Start with 10 OH Squats and 1 Burpee and reduce/add reps to the OH Squat and Burpee until you get to 1 OH Squat and 10 Lateral Burpees.
*10 minute cut off.

WOD: Thursday

*Feel free to come in and work mobility if you are resting for 14.4.
*Check out our newest instructional video “The Jerk Store“.

4 x 3 minute rounds:
Run 400m
Max UB reps (1. Pull-ups 2. Push-ups 3. Grasshoppers 4. Squats)
Rest 1 minute between rounds.




WOD: Wednesday

A. Work to a 3 position power clean (ground, knee, mid thigh)
*Rep must be linked.

B. Alternate exercises on the minute for 5 rounds:
min 1: 2 cycles – 3 position clean (use around 80-90% of part A.)
min 2: 30 seconds – 3 stage toes to bar (swing, knees to elbows, full movement) (see video)

WOD: Tuesday

*Please don’t forget to log your scores for 14.3

A. Work to a 3RM Thruster (instructional video)

B. Four rounds of:
1 min Wall Ball 10/6kg (instructional video)
Rest/Burpees (instructional video)
*Minute 1 of the wall ball sets the target number. Perform 2 burpees for every rep less than the target number reached in rounds 2, 3 & 4.

*Well done to Meg who hit a PB Deadlift of 70kg (multiple times) in 14.3 at 47kg B.W!

WOD: Monday

Five rounds of:
Dumbbell Shoulder Press 8-10 reps
Max reps strict Pull-up
*Rest 2 min. between rounds.

Tips: The weight for the shoulder press is to be maintained. Pick a weight that is challenging but not absolutely maximal for the 8-10 reps. Add weight if you’ve got more than 15/10 strict pull-ups and if you have minimal pull-ups, pick a number to be repeated each round.

WOD: Saturday

We are validating Open workout 14.3 between 7-9am today.  Please feel welcome to come in and train or hit the workout unofficially if you’re not registered for the open.

WOD: Friday

AMRAP in 25 minutes of:
Farmers Carry
Overhead Carry
*Choose your own load for both movements.
*The course for the workout is the short loop (out the back door/in the front door).

Tips: Pick sensible loads for the FC and OHC that allow you to perform the distance with a maximum of 2-3 breaks per round. Think about maintaining good posture for each movement i.e. chest/eyes up, scapula retracted and shoulders elevated for the FC and shoulders active, elbows locked, neutral spine and Lats engaged overhead.