WOD: Tuesday

Reminder we have a reduced timetable this week.
Open gym and WOD options available.
7:30-8:30am with Mark.

Suggested WODs.
Pick 1 or more of the suggested WODs below. Aim to mix over the next week (E.g. Not all weightlifting sessions)
A. Four rounds for time:
Run 360m
20 Kettlebell swings 24/16kg
10 Pull-ups
B. 4 x 8-10 Reverse front rack lunge (per side). 
*Complete all reps on one side then the other.
* Pick a challenging weight that allows for quality movement.
* Aim to hold weight across all sets.

C. Weightlifting
2 cycles:
0-4 minutes: light weight
5-9 minutes: moderate weight
Alternate every 30 seconds:
1 Power Clean & Push Press
1 Clean & Jerk
Rest 1 minute
10-20 minutes:
1 Clean & Jerk (or push press)*
*Increment as good movement allows.
*Pick your strongest movements - power or squat Clean, push press or jerk.

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