WOD: Monday

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with friends and family.  
Reminder we have a reduced timetable this week.
Open gym and WOD options available.
7:30-8:30am with Mark.

Suggested WODs:
Pick one or more of the following.

Front Squats
7 x 3reps (1 pause +2 reps) *
*2 second pause on first repetition + 2 normal pace)

Gymnastic EMOM x 14 minutes:
Min 1. 'X' Gymnastic pull
Min 2. 'X' Gymnastic push
*Pick a pull/push movement and repetitions. Maintain across 7 rounds.
*Think foundations and be mindful of total volume.

5 X 400m row (1:1) *
*Alternate with a partner
*Aim to maintain no more than a 10second spread across all efforts.

Clean or Snatch (Power or Squat)
0-4 minutes:
1 rep every 20sec (maintain light weight across)
Rest 1 minute
5-9 minutes:
1 rep every 30sec (maintain moderate weight across)
Rest 1 minute
10-20 minutes (EMOM)
1 rep every 60 seconds (Increment as movement allows)

Photo: Cal during "12 Days of Christmas". Many thanks to Grant Williams for making an extra trip to the box as our photographer.

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