WOD: Wednesday

Five rounds of:
DB Bench Press 8-10 reps
Row 500m
*Rest as necessary between exercises.

Tips: The aim of today’s workout is to pick a challenging but repeatable weight on the bench that ideally sits between 8-10 reps in each round. Don’t freak out if your numbers drop a rep or two below this as you fatigue but try to be pretty close to this guide. Remember to keep those elbows tucked in a fashion that is complementary to our other pushing movements (push up, ring dip, HSPU, shoulder press etc.)
For the row – this is a volume day where the aim is to work hard but not to have any greater variation in time than 10 seconds from fastest to slowest row. This doesn’t mean that you should be cruising, but you should also refrain from going all out unless you have extremely good rowing ability.






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