WOD: Wednesday

Reminder: Mark will be hosting an online Nutritional presentation. Refer to post on slider bar or Facebook members page for more information.

EMOM x 4 minutes:
5 x Hang Muscle Snatch (Maintain load)
Rest 1 minute
EMOM x 4 minutes:
3 x Hang Snatch (Power or Squat) (Maintain load)
Rest 1 minute
EMOM x 10 minutes:
1 Hang Snatch (Power or Squat)
(Choose your own format to get what you need from the session. Eg. Increase load, maintain, pyramid, etc).

ROMWOD – 20 minutes

The bodies are feeling it. Use today’s session to free you up with quality movement and follow with a great stretch.

Happy birthday to our fabulous man – Chris Saliba. We love travelling through life with you and are excited to see where our journey will take us. Lots of love, Marie, Chloe & Jesse. xoxo

A very happy birthday to Cal who shares the same big day!!

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