WOD: Thursday

Only 3 days until we move CrossFit outside. Please return all borrowed equipment by Thursday (unless otherwise arranged).

3 rounds alternating beween:
5 x 10m Shuttle Runs &
5 x Sit & Reach
5 x Jumps Squats
5 x Sprawl
5 x Reverse Lunge

*Work skills/technique and build in weight:
Toe to bar
Clean & Jerk

Work mini round of:
5 x T2B/T2KB, C&J, Burpee box jump over

AMRAP in 3-6-9 minutes of:
20 Toes to bar/Toes to Kettlebell
15 Clean & Jerk
10 Burpee box jump overs

Rest 3 minutes between cycles.

Notes: This is designed to be a max effort sprint on each cycle followed by sufficient rest.
*Start each round from T2B. Record completed repetitions for each cycle and overall grand tally.

*Barbell: Choose weight that allows for touch & go sets.
*Dumbbell Clean & Jerk (Alternating)
*Kettlebell double handed snatch or swings

For those that have returned weights (thank you)- Jumping lunges.

Photo: Danielle mid pull-up. Thanks to her personal photographer @GrantWilliamsphotography
Danielle has smashed this week achieving 20 unbroken perfect push-ups, pistol squats and more. Awesome work!!!

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