WOD: Wednesday

Only 4 days until we get to see your smiling faces (Saturday). Please be sure to book in via Mindbody. We will add sessions to suit demand.

Run/Row/Skip/Bike 2 minutes

Then choose an option based upon your selected movement for the workout.

Option 1: (Pull-up version)
2 x 3 Kip Swing > Pull-ups>Pull-ups
Hollow hold pulse x 5
Superman pulse x 5

Option 2: (Burpee version)

EMOM x 30 minutes
Hollow hold pulse x 5
Superman pulse x 5

2 x mini rounds of:
6 x 10m shuttle run>15sec plank>5 Pull-ups or Burpees

EMOM x 30 minutes:
Min 1. Run/Row 200m
Min 2. Rest
Min 3. 60sec Plank Hold
Min 4. Rest
Min 5. Max repetitions Pull-ups or Burpees
Min 6. Rest

*Record total repetitions of Pull-ups or burpees.

*Choose option based upon equipment available.

Photo: Our selfie series- Deb & Chris M rocking the Zoom workouts. How many 58 year old women do you know that can complete 20 CrossFit standard push-ups and strict pull-ups? This women never ceases to amaze me with her dedication towards self improvement.

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