WOD: Wednesday

Lock down doesn’t stop us- Adapt and overcome. We are all resilient so let’s make the most of it!!
WE HAVE GONE ONLINE – Read our plan here.

ONLINE LEGENDS – Here we go!!!

Death by:
Min 1. Burpee (6″ Jump & Touch)
Min 2. Goblet Squat or Pistols

*Start with 1 burpee on the 1st minute, 1 Goblet Squat on the 2nd minute, increase repetitions each round, 2 burpees, 2 Goblet Squats, etc.

* Choose a difficulty and repetitions of Squat to match your burpee effort. For many starting the Squats at 5 repetitions and increasing by 1 each round would be appropriate.
If working body weight Squats- start at 10 reps and increment by 2 per round.
*Goal is to work for at least 10 rounds/20 minutes.
* Work until failure- let the clock run you out.

Post score on Facebook:
Eg. 14 of 15 Burpees + 26 of 28 Goblet Squat with a 20kg Rock.

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