WOD: Saturday

Change of schedule.

Reminder Nutrition session with Mark is on at 7:00am at BFresh
There is no 7am workout

TEAM Challenge- 8am
We will allocate teams on the day. Bring a smile and a great attitude. This is a community morning and all teams will be mixed abilities.

“Unknown & Unknowable”
For time:
Team carry around the canal.

*Additional activities reveled throughout the course.
*Movements and repetitions can be shared anyhow between members within specifications of the rules.
*All team members must be at the station for work to commence.

Over the course, four stations activity stations were reveled-
1. 350 Supine Row
2. 1000 Step-ups
3. 1000 Thrusters
4. 300 Burpees (over planking partner)

BBQ- From 9am
Bacon and egg burgers (just bring yourselves)

Photo: Josh hitting a personal best Clean of 100kg. Thanks to Andy for the photos.

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