WOD: Saturday

Please note: Due to all coaches competing at the Fittest 3 there is NO SESSION IN THE BOX today, however we encourage you to join our crew at 7:30am or complete it as a home WOD.
Thank you to our community for your support and best wishes for the competition. Unfortunately due to COVID no spectators are allowed- thankfully we have our camera crew (A huge thank you to Andy Holt) who will be providing live coverage and photography. This man has serious skills. Coastal members can check out the action via our Members Facebook page.

Join our crew at 7:30am (Park adjacent to Mykie’s by the Bay)
Thank you to Nina for coordinating.

WOD (Partner or individual):
As many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 20 minutes of:
Run 250m
20m Broadjumps
Match Broadjump number with burpees

*One partner starts on the run, the other on Broad jumps. Count the number of broad jump to complete the 20m (12 Broad jumps = pay up 12 Burpees).
All burpees must be paid up before swapping activity with your partner.
*Score is the total number of rounds completed: Run + Broadjump + Burpees = 1 Round.

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