WOD: Tuesday

Congratulations to Alexis James for being our member of the month- You rock!!

3 rounds of:
Bearcrawl + 10 Squats
Spiderman + 5 Push-ups

Kosack stretch> Dragon
Ankle stretch/pistol sit + pulse

3 Stage goblet squat x 5 reps

Single leg squat (Pistol) progression and practice

Squat technique
Tempo Squats 7 x 3-5 repetitions
Front Squat/ Overhead Squat

Advanced athletes:
Single leg squats 5-7 sets x 6-10 repetitions
*Watch movement video for progression guidance

Part B:
For time:
Males: 30-24-18-12-6 Push-ups
Females: 20-16-12-8-4 Push-ups
*Sets must be unbroken for RXD
*8 minute cut-off
*Aim to improve on last result.

Photo: Part of our workout selfie series- Jo & Andy joining us pool side 😀
Remember a Coastal shirt is up for grabs for best photo this fortnight. We have some strong competition.

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