Athlete of the month

We are proud to announce the athlete of the month is Alexis James (Alex).
Since starting with us in January we have seen Alex go from strength to strength.
Her dedication and mindset towards improving her squats, body weight strength and conditioning has seen a huge improvement in Alex’s quality of life. In the past Alex avoided things like climbing double stair, and struggled to move heavy bags of soil (which is required in job as a gardener). She is now bounding up stairs with no thought and throwing 20kg bags of soil around like it is nothing.
Since Covid Alex has become a Coastal Zoom junkie – and I love it!!!
Alex has not let any obstacles get in the way of improving her fitness and has thought outside of the square in regards to equipment. Who knew that the best addition to every gym could be a hay bail?

Most recently I have witness her change in mindset – believing in her abilities, taking the hard road to finish a workout. I am soooo proud of how far you have come.

Alex, I have said it before but what appears to be small achievements now is your catalyst to changing the quality of your life now and into the future. You are a great inspiration and the reason I love what I do!!!
Enjoy your achievements and stay on your journey.

Alex will receive a care pack of: 6 cans of FitAid, magnesium salts and True Protein ZMA or Greens.

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