WOD: Thursday

Warm up:
Run/Row/Skip or Bike 2 minutes
3-5 cycles of Bow & Bend>Cobra Stretch>Downward dog
3 x 10 second Glute bridge>Seated Toe taps

3 rounds of:
5 x Squats
5 x Sit-up & Reach
3-5 x Push-up

Part A.
Tempo Squats
7 x 3-5 repetitions (3 second lower>3 second pause>3 second rise)

*Goal is to move with perfect form.
*Add enough weight to give feedback, still allowing for good form.
* Use barbell, kettlebell, dumbbell or body weight.

Part B.
For time: Males 30-24-18-12-6 Push-ups
Females 20-16-12-8-4 Push-ups
*Sets must be unbroken to count for RXD.

*8 minute cut-off

Scale: Work technique and volume with a 10 minute EMOM. Pick your own repetitions and maintain across all rounds.

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