WOD: Thursday

*Please note that this is the same workout as the Online crew. Please jump on board for some accountability, guidance and banter!

All ZOOM Links are available on our Coastal CrossFit Members Facebook page – See you soon:

3 rounds of
30 sec. skip
10 x Sit-up & Reach (with backward roll/knees to chest)
30 sec. Samson Stretch (per side/pulse hips)


3 rounds:
Downward dog + ankle mobility
10 x Iron Cross
10 x Scorpion

For time:
500 Single Skip
100 Mountain Climbers
50 Toes to Kettlebell/DB/Barbell/Rock
400 Single Skip
80 Mountain Climbers
40 Toes to Kettlebell
300 Single Skip
60 Mountain Climbers
30 Toes to Kettlebell
200 Single Skip
40 Mountain Climbers
20 Toes to Kettlebell
100 Single Skip
20 Mountain Climbers
10 Toes to Kettlebell
*Scaling/notes: Don’t let the big numbers scare you in this workout – these volumes are well within most of your capacity. If you have concerns, reverse the order and work to a cut off eg. 10 min. You can always do it twice if you feel like you over-scaled it.
The most potent part of the workout will be the T2KB (use any object you like to anchor your hands). If this is a weaker area, you can reduce the reps and/or range of motion (eg. work to 90 degrees).
*Advanced athletes may opt for 150-120-90-60-30 double-unders. This will reduce the overall time (possibly) but will certainly add intensity.

*Photo: Our first Zoomers- awesome work crew. Special mention of Josh, Elise, Amanda & Kyra who completed at 5:30am starting in the dark and the rain.

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