Sorry for the mess around but after re-reading the most recent restrictions, we can only operate with 10 or less people in an outdoor setting (not indoors). Given that we would need council approval to do this in the park, we are going to revert back to the online plan.If you have not yet borrowed equipment please pick up equipment between 3:30pm -4pm or 5:30pm.
Links for both the 4:30pm and 5:30pm below:



Hi Members,We thank you for your ongoing support during these times – your message of support and love have blown us away.

The box is closed but training DOESN’T STOP- we will just operate a different way.
Our goal is, as always keep you moving towards better health and fitness. We will need to be a little more creative in our approach but we all have this.
Our Plan (please be flexible):
Please fill in the attached formOnline Training to let us know what service you would like from us at this time. During time of closure we will allow members to borrow equipment for home use. Schedule times for members to pick up equipment from the gym 3:30pm -4:00pm, or 5:30pm.

-At the start of equipment collection times I will brief athletes on the online video conference ZOOM – get your signed up and ready to go (this is what we will use for WODs moving forward).
– We will program group workouts suitable for the equipment borrowed, details to follow. This will be presented via ZOOM- with members logging in or completing at a time convenient for you.
– We will announce various training options that we will offer.
– Although we won’t be physically in the same location, I expect that the banter, ridicule, encouragement, etc to continue. The following members are awarded the job of assisting: Chris Gardner, Timmy Gorsch, Eldo Garo, Mark Ferris, Danielle Williams, Sara Bravo, Grant Williams (add all names here).

If you have any suggestions you feel would benefit our community please let us know.

We have an awesome community and we are all in this together– please help us retain it by supporting one another so we come back bigger and better!!!
We ask for your patience and understanding this following week as we navigate our way through this situation.
*Please note# If you are facing hardship please reach out to us, we will support you in whatever way we can.

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