WOD: Tuesday

Coastal Members, could you all please take the time to fill in the attached form- http://Online training form
Equipment pick up times are scheduled for 6am, 9am & 5:30pm. Please contact Marie if these times don’t suit.

2 min. skip then,
Cycle for 2 min.
Backward bend > inchworm > downward dog + ankle mobility > cobra > back to stand
3 quick rounds of:
30 skips/5 sprawls

EMOM x 20:
1. 50 Double-unders or 100 skips or 10 x 10m shuttle run.
2. 7-10 Burpees
Advanced option: increase burpee by 1 rep each round.

– The double-unders/skipping/shuttle run is based on approx. 40 sec. of work. Scale as necessary if you’re skipping/shuttle running is not awesome!
– Burpees: This is also based on 30-40 sec. of work. Whatever number you pick, the goal is to achieve the full (challenging) 20 minutes. If you choose the advanced option, it should be a possibility to complete the 20 minutes.

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