WOD: “HURSTY 2019”

*Please read: “HURSTY” Plan in scroll bar- for details of the running of the day, scaling, etc.

15 Rounds for time of:
Run 100m
7 Front squats 60/40kg
Run 100m
7 Burpee Pull-ups (30cm above max standing reach)

The 15th of July 2019 will mark the 12th anniversary of the passing of Brendan Hurst (Hursty). For those that don’t know, Brendan was the partner of Coastal CrossFitter and good friend Tanya Cashin, and father to their son Max.
It is our honour to be conducting a Memorial WOD for Brendan “HURSTY” and would love to see maximum attendance. At Tanya and Max’s request we will be running “Hursty” tomorrow, Saturday 13th July.



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