WOD: Monday

For anyone looking for motivation for the 30 day nutrition challenge, check out – Chris’s Food Diary.

A. Front Squat 3 x 5
*use around 80% of 1RM across.

B. For time:
200 Double-unders
100 Wall Ball 10/6kg
50 Burpees (jump and touch)

Notes: Now I know Part B may not look like the most desirable workout to do on a Monday but seeing that the Open is just around the corner it’s time to start to embrace the suck. CrossFit HQ love to program movements in repetitive quantities that are typically much higher than what you would ever choose for yourself and there is a specific skill in being able to pick the right approach to get through these large chunks of work physically, not to mention training for the mental aspect of doing something over and over. So, you know what this means – no excuses, get your butt into the gym!

5am 12pm 5pm 6pm

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