WOD: Saturday

The CrossFit Team Series is on at the moment – let’s give one of the workouts a try.
For time:
150 Wall Ball 10/6kg
100 Cleans 70/50kg
50 Muscle-ups
*These workouts are intended to be done in teams of 4 (2 men/2 women) but can be easily modified to work in mixed or same gender pairs.
*Of course the loads and reps can be scaled and various muscle-up substitutions will be provided.
*Here is a demo and explanation of the workout – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BylwD1JdfRU

For time
Run 2.4km
immediately followed by:
100 Kettlebell Swings 24/16kg
100 Metre Sandbag Carry
100 Air Squats
100 Metre Sandbag Carry

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