WOD: Monday

Increment as far as possible in 18 minutes:
Gymnastic Pull x 1*
Overhead Lunge x 10 (Single DB 22.5/15kg- Left hand)
Gymnastic Push x 1 *
Overhead Lunge x 10 (Single DB 22.5/15kg- Right hand)

*Choose your own Pull and Push. Increment by 1 rep each round.

*Pull-ups, Strict, Chest to bar, Strict C2B, Bar Muscle-ups
*Push-ups, Hand release Push-up, Decline Push-up, HSPU.

Photo: Congratulations to our newly weds – Chloe and Max, who got married on Saturday. We hope your day was magical. Enjoy your honeymoon and we look forward to seeing you back soon.

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