Athlete of the month

We are proud to announce the athlete of the month is KELLY!!!

Huge Acheivement of Front Squat with a barbell- Smashing goals

It is amazing to think about what this women has achieved in the past year and a half. When Kel started with us, training was a fairly new concept to her. We saw it as our goal to get her to understand the benefits of regular training and most importantly feeling the benefits of improving health and functionality. Kelly is a huge success story for us and it is situations like hers that give us passion to assist individual in their health and fitness journey.

By no means has it been an easy road for Kelly. When starting with us Kelly’s fitness and functionality was lacking- walk/runs took it out of her and she needed assistance to complete a restricted range of motion squat. Celebrating the small achievements along the way is important and keeps motivation going. Through COVID technology restrictions meant Kelly wasn’t able to join our Zoom sessions. You could understand if this resulted in a lack of motivation, however Kelly continue to train (often on her own) and send through her results keeping her on track.

Take the time to look back and see how far you have come.
Through hardwork, consistency in training and focus on nutrition and becoming a better version of herself Kelly has made huge accomplishments this past while. Some of these include: Run 3.2km, Front Squat with barbell, Body weight lunges, 32.5kg Clean. THESE ARE LIFE CHANGES!!!
Increasing functionality – The change in the quality of daily life and longevity is chalk and cheese and it will only get better.
As always, we educate to treat training as a part of your lifestyle (not an optional extra) consistency is key.
Kelly we could not be prouder of how you have embraced CrossFit and the long term benefits you are going to continue to see. Keep doing exactly what you are doing – the rewards are endless.

Kelly will receive a gift pack including a treatment from Body Mechanics Myotherapy (thanks to Aden)
a B-Fresh voucher and a chosen True product thanks to Maverick Strength and Conditioning Equipment.

We asked Kelly a few questions read below to get to know Kelly story.

What made you start CrossFit?
Heather is the reason I started CrossFit. She had been telling me how I should come check it out and that I would love Marie. Initialy I felt too intimidated, so I made up excuses not to go. In the end, Heather had pretty much challenged me. So, I went. 18 months later I have not looked back.
What are your favourite CrossFit moments?
I really enjoy when we are collectively laying on the floor, after a really brutal workout, gasping for breath. I love that sense of achievement and not being alone in that moment.
What are your other passions in life and how does CrossFit help (if it does)?
My family is my passion! Going to CrossFit on a regular basis help’s me to regulate myself. It gives me the ability to cope with the challenge’s life sometimes throws my way. I have been told ” I am more manageable when I go to CrossFit”.

What does Coastal CrossFit mean to you and how has it impacted you?
Coastal CrossFit is my therapy! It is literally my antidepressant. It helps improve my mental well being and my ability to cope. I feel Marie, Chris and Mark offer a holistic approach to fitness and well being. I love that its more than just working out. It is about the whole picture. The sense of community keeps me coming back, the support and encouragement is a powerful motivator. 
What is your most memorable achievement?
My progress with my squat! Achieving a 10kg goblet squat then moving onto the tech bar for the front squat. It has been really hard work for me.

What is something that most people don’t know about you?
I have a fiery temper and a mouth like a sailor. (We haven’t seen this yet, even through the hardest of WODs).

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