Member of the month

 We are happy to announce our member of the month is Elyse Mobbs. 
Elyse is the partner of Tim M, mother of two girls and works in the family business M-Elec.  
It is often hard to balance out everything in life and Mum's often put others first.  Prior to Covid Elyse's attendance at CrossFit was 1-2 days per week (if lucky) this resulted in lack of motivation and even thinking about stopping training as her :( 
During Covid however we saw Elyse turn a corner with her frequency and consistency of training, more than doubling her attendance during our Zoom sessions (average 4-5 sessions per week).
Since returning to the box she has found her new pace prioritizing her health and fitness and has been kicking goals ever since.  Putting in the hard work - she has been hitting frequent personal bests, dialing in nutrition, attending additional olympic lifting sessions to dial in technique- Ticking all the boxes and her family is loving her for it.    

This makes us so excited - You are only just starting to find out what you are capable of. Go get them Elyse!!!  

Fun fact: Elyse has been in five difference roles across 10 years at M-Elec. Marketing, sales, reception, warehouse and warranties.  

Elyse will receive a gift pack including a treatment from Body Mechanics Myotherapy (thanks to Aden)
and a B-Fresh voucher & True Protein products. 

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