WOD: Saturday

Grab your partner and ZOOM with us. Warm-up, WOD Brief and movement videos all on the Members page.
*PLEASE NOTE: All members now have access to ROMWOD- let’s make the most of it!!!

Warm-up: Partner
Two cycle through:
Shuttle Run x 6
1. Bow & Bend, ankle & hip mobility
2. Squat rotations
3. Hollow hold/Superman
*One partner on run/other of movements. Get your communication dialed in!!

ZOOM Partner WOD:
This may require you to join in early to ensure there are no technical issues. This could be a huge success or massive fail- FUN either way!!!

Two rounds for as many reps as possible of:
2 mins: Shuttle Runs x 10m / Plank Hold
Rest 1 min
2 mins: Toes to Kettlebell or Toes to bar / Overhead hold
Rest 1 min
2 mins: Dumbbell Snatch (Alt) / Wall Squat
Rest 1 min
2 mins: Lunges / Hollow hold
Rest 1 min

*One partner must hold static movement for repetitions to be accumulated.
* Share repetitions any how between you and your partner.
* Repetitions will be recorded as one continuous count.
Partners must ensure they can see/hear each other while performing movements/ holds.

Photo of the day: Matt scaling up his run for Friday’s WOD.

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