Nutrition Presentation – Thursday 5:30pm

Hi all,

We are conducting a nutrition presentation this Thursday at 5:30pm which is free to attend for all members and partners. This is an entirely revamped presentation from the one’s we’ve done in the past so we strongly encourage you to attend whether you have previously attended or not.

Please note that this presentation will take the place of the workout at 5:30 on Thursday so please factor this into your training schedule.

InBody Scan

As part of our Nutritional Challenge we are arranging for a mobile InBody scan at the start and end of the challenge.
A small example of the metrics found on a InBody results sheet:
Total skeletal muscle mass
Total body fat in kilograms
Total body fat percentage
Visceral fat
Total body water
Segmental muscle and fat analysis
Bone mineral content
Basal metabolic rate

Although we don’t want people caught up in the numbers/details provided on the scan we want to use it simply as a base line measure to gauge improvements over the coming weeks.
The cost will be between $25-$30 per scan (depending on numbers, minimum of 10 people required). One scan completed at the beginning and one at the end of the challenge. Total cost $50-$60.

For further information please use the link InBody Scan

We look forward to seeing you there!

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