Nutrition Challenge Resources

Thanks to everyone who came along to our nutrition presentation on the 14th.  As promised here are the links to all of the necessary resources for you to get started with our 30 day challenge.

The Whole 30

Whole 30: Program Rules – print this and put it on your fridge. Do it now!!!

Whole 30: Recipes – easy to make recipes that don’t break the rules.

Zone Block Chart – helps to quantify portion sizes of various food types. Also print this and put it on your fridge.

For anyone who would like to be part of the challenge but was unable to make the presentation, please go ahead and follow these links, have a read and hit us up with any questions you may have. If would like to take part in the 30 day follow up process, please come and see us to get your “before” photo and weigh-in done.


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