Are you a cherry picker?

If you’ve been training with us for a while you’ll hopefully have noticed that we go to great lengths to ensure the safety and continued progress of our athletes. It is for this reason that we don’t post 30 minute cardio slog fests every second day, we use percentages of YOUR maximums for many of our weighted workouts, we always have cut offs that are appropriate to the workout and individual, we provide various scaling options etc. etc.

If you are in your first few weeks of CrossFit you can be forgiven for not knowing all of the above but we know that most of you know this to be the case, yet there is an increasingly large percentage of our population who seem to be mysteriously absent any time something a bit nasty looking comes up.
Of course we can’t prove that you’re cherry picking – it might just be that you are always sick, busy, grumpy, car broken down, family visiting, lost your dog etc. on days that involve running, thrusters, burpees, running, anything over 20 minutes, running, but we strongly doubt it.

Let’s make this simple. Switch off your brain and trust that we know how to make fit people – turn up at least 3-4 days per week, Prioritise your weaknesses, eat good food and try really hard each time you train and you will get great results.

As always, if you’re reading this and think it was aimed at you – IT WAS.

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