The Plan for the CrossFit Open

CrossFit Open time is here!!!

This is our favourite time of the year and we need you to make it the best it can be. If you are still wondering whether the CrossFit Open is for you, the answer is ….. YES!!!!!! Please read our previous article – 6 Reasons to Sign up for the Open
If you know someone who hasn’t signed up, be sure to hassle them as we don’t want any of you to miss out.
What are you waiting for? Get on and REGISTER NOW.
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Important: It is each individual athletes responsibility to ensure they have watched the demonstration video and understand movement standards prior to completing the WOD.
Your opportunities to do the open workouts are as follows:

Saturday – 7:00am-9:00am (ish)
If you can make it, this is the session to come too. The atmosphere of the mornings is awesome and the more people the better. We will need judges, counters & supporters so bring your families and friends to cheer you on. Don’t forget Pom Pom, signs, etc anything to help everyone get through.
This session will start with a briefing at 7:00am (compulsory to attend for registered athletes) followed by as many heats as necessary to get through the number of athletes in attendance. Remember we can not do this alone, we need you to assist in counting, judging etc. so stick around even after you have completed you WOD.
*Please note that if you are not signed up for the open you are still more than welcome to attend and treat this workout like a normal WOD.

Monday– All sessions
All sessions on Monday will be running the CrossFit Open workout. Aim to partner up to ensure you have a counter/judge if you are formally competing. If not, treat it like a normal workout (no need for a judge). Feel free to come and support throughout these sessions – the more the merrier.
If you have already completed the workout on Saturday and do not wish to do it again, we will provide you with an alternative on this day.

Baked Potatoes – As per previous years we will be following up the Saturday morning session with Marie’s awesome Baked Potatoes (worth coming along just for these). We will be doing these on a pre-order basis, so let us know each week if you want one

Get FIRED UP!!! Let’s have fun and let the Games begin…….

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