Over the festive period you will have two options for training. We ask you to book in for the session you would prefer:
Option 1: WOD (1 hour session)
Be there at the start of the session, I.e 8am or 3:30pm. The Coach will provide warm up, WOD Brief, and get the WOD started.
This is a semi coached session as the coach will also be checking in with those doing Open Gym.
*Note: Sessions capped at 12 people (if you book in, please be there!!!)
7:30- 8:30am
Option 2: OPEN GYM (turn up anytime during the 1.5 hour time slot).
Upstairs, front room or outside.
Please work around the WOD (as directed by the Coach).

Work on strengths/weaknesses. Anything that keeps you moving throughout this time!!!

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