6 reasons to sign up for the Open

In case you’ve been living under a CrossFit rock, the CrossFit Open is just around the corner and it is time to register. Click Here to Register.

CrossFit Open Dates: 21stFeb-25thMarch2019

In case you are hesitant here are some reasons you should sign up:

1. The five weeks of the Open is the greatest community building activity on our yearly calendar. Each week everyone is in the gym giving it their all with the support of everyone around them. You will get to know people better and you will get to put names to faces from the whiteboard. The more people that are involved the more of an atmosphere it creates. If you can shout, clap and cheer then we want you there!

2. Your training will improve before and after the Open. Just by signing up, you will subconsciously start to take your training more seriously and you will improve more rapidly.
Each year we see people perform things during the Open (often multiple times) that they have never done once in training and these achievements will make you realise what you are capable of for your future training.

3. We need your help. Running the weekly sessions for the open is a rather large task and it takes more than just us. We need people to count and judge reps as well as to help set-up and pack up each week. As they say, many hands make light work.

4. You’re going to do the WOD’s in our weekly programming anyway so you may as well sign up and get a rank that you can compare to next year. Don’t give the old “I’m not any good excuse” – if winning is the only reason to do the open, then there are about 300,000 people who missed the point last year.

5. You need to be part of the Open (participating or supporting) to come to the after-party! We always have a ball getting together over a few beverages after the Open is over.

6. Do it for us (your trainers). Each year the five weeks of the Open means us spending a good deal of our weekend in the gym. We don’t ask for anything extra for the effort other than the reward of seeing maximum participation from our members.

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