WOD: Monday

A. Work to a heavy Overhead Squat x 5.

B. Max reps in 5 minutes of:
Snatch 60/40kg
*Reps must be caught in the bottom of the squat in one movement for rx’d.
*For those scaling, the priority is to master the movement. Pick a weight that allows you to receive the bar in a full squat.

Post load and reps to comments.

Well done to Renee who qualified for the State Championships in the 50m Butterfly over the weekend.  This is an especially impressive achievement since Renee has had no specific preparation other than CrossFit and some recreational swimming.

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WOD: Saturday

Partnered WOD- Come on in and have some FUN?

Good luck to Renee who is aiming to qualify for the State Swimming titles today.

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WOD: Monday

A. Work to an 8RM Shoulder Press
*Be sure to complete at least 4 sets at 90% or more.
*Working from the ground.

B. Partner WOD:
AMRAP in 10 min. of:
3 Shoulder to Overhead 60/40kg
10 Pull-ups
*One Barbell (unless mixed genders)
*Only one partner on the pull-up bar at a time.

Friday November 7th, 2013

Bring sally up

A. On the minute for 15 minutes:
Kettlebell Swing
*Choose from the following reps schemes:
*Feel free to scale up the pull-up to C2B or Muscle-up.
*You must perform the same reps scheme and complete all reps within each minute to retain rx’d.

B. After multiple requests:
Bring Sally Up – Push-up version. (watch video)
*Disclaimer: I think this is really stupid and I really hate this song.

Post rep scheme/movements/load and total number of Push-ups completed successfully to comments.