WOD: Friday

Please check out our post on C2B Pull-ups – here.

A. Work to a heavy Power Clean + Push Jerk (1+2) 12 min.

B. Alternating exercises on the minute for 5 rounds:
– 9 Deadlifts @ heaviest load from Part A.
– Chest to Bar Pull-ups (choose your own reps)

Post load and C2B reps to comments.

WOD: Thursday

Please read my post on Field Work (in the slider bar) in relation to today’s workout.

Pick up a heavy, obscure object (sandbag, weight plate, kettlebell(s), weight vest, dumbbell, another person) and hike around the back loop (1.2km).

The object that you choose should be too heavy/awkward to run with and it should be a hard slog to get around the course (think 20-30 minutes).

You may do this in pairs or as an individual. If done correctly, you should want to quit at some point (which of course you will overcome) and it is not for time. It is simply an experience that with the right attitude, you will get a lot out of.


WOD: Wednesday

Sorry everybody – sometimes these things just have to be done!

AMRAP in 18 minutes:
50 Wall Ball 10/6kg
50 Burpees (jump to a 6″ inch target)

Post time to comments.

WOD: Tuesday

Complete five cycles of:
5 Front Squats
Pull (muscle-up, pull-ups, ring rows etc.)
Push (HSPU, ring dips, push-ups etc.)
*Front Squat load should be heavy but repeatable.
*Pick your own movement and reps for the pull & push. Choose a movement and reps that are appropriate to your abilities and goals.
*This workout is not for time however aim to keep moving (around 3-4 minutes per round is good).

Post load movements and reps to comments.

WOD: Monday

Please note that the gym is closed today for the Australia Day public holiday.

Here is a WOD you can do from home-
EMOM for 10 minutes:
Burpees (pick your own reps)
Max reps double-unders (in remaining time)

Post Burpee reps and total DU to comments.

WOD: Saturday

Partner WOD
EMOM for 20 min:
10 Kettlebell Swings
Max reps Double-unders
*Partners rotate each minute.
*One partner works while the other rests.
*Pick a KB weight that is appropriate to the volume and your ability.

Post total double-unders to comments.

WOD: Friday

Advance as far as possible in 15 min:
20 Bar Facing Burpees
20 Clean and Jerk 40/30kg
20 Bar Facing Burpees
15 Clean and Jerk 60/40kg
20 Bar Facing Burpees
10 Clean and Jerk 80/50kg
20 Bar Facing Burpees
Max rep Clean and Jerk 100/60kg
*The “Clean & Jerk” must start on the ground and pass through a full squat before being locked out in the overhead position. This can be done in various ways.

Post time to comments.

WOD: Thursday

A big thanks to Sam & Heath for building our new site – we hope you like it.  If you’re looking to have a website built, we would highly recommend them (www.f-d.com.au).

Five rounds for reps of:
Max reps Push-ups
Max reps Ring Row
*Move straight from the push-ups to the rings.
*Rest after the ring rows.
*Feet on box in line with hands for ring rows.
*Feel free to scale up the push-ups if you can do more than 30 in one go.

Post totals and grand total to comments.

WOD: Wednesday

Six, 90 second rounds of:
Run 200m
5 Hang Power Clean 70/45kg
Max reps Toes to Bar
*Rest 90 sec. between rounds.
*Perform 30 sec Plank during rest.

Post total T2B to comments.

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