WOD: Tuesday

Don’t forget to log your scores for 14.1 – the deadline is 11.00am Tuesday.

Seven rounds for load and time of:
Run 200m
Clean + Front Squat 1+2 (1+3 if a power clean is used)
*20 min cut off.

WOD: Monday

*Please note: It is the athletes responsibility to submit their own score to the CF Games website. You will need to know your score (in reps) and your judges full name to do this. Try to get this done by Monday evening so that we can sort out any dramas before the deadline on Tuesday morning if they arise.

Five rounds for load and reps of:
Bench Press 7-10 reps
Ring Rows (max reps)
*Rest as necessary between rounds.

Tips: Use your warm up to establish a bench press weight that sits genuinely between 7-10 reps – this will be your weight for the remaining rounds. After completing the bench press, move on to the ring rows (feet in line with hands) and perform max unbroken reps. Your rest should be enough that you feel quite recovered before starting the next round.

Rest Day

We are validating Open Workouts from 2-4pm today.  Please come on in and cheer on your fellow team mates!

WOD: Saturday

Today we are validating CrossFit Open workout 14.1 from 7-9am.  Please come along to cheer on your fellow team mates even if you’re not competing today.

Please be sure to have watched this video before coming in for your workout.

WOD: Friday

The announcement for the first workout of the CrossFit Open is at 11.00am today. Please don’t forget our schedule changes to accommodate the judging process for this event.

Perform 4 cycles of:
8 Back Squats
Double-unders (45 seconds)
Strict Chin-ups
Row 200m
*Choose your own load and reps for the Back Squats/Chin-ups – these efforts should be challenging but not maximal with the goal of repeating the weight/reps for the full four rounds.
*This workout is not for time but the idea is that you keep moving i.e. use the walk from one exercise to another as your recovery.
*Score = weight/reps/reps/slowest time

WOD: Thursday

Please note: if you are competing in the Open and want to rest, you are welcome to come in and work mobility/recovery instead of the WOD.

Five rounds:
Run 400m
Max effort Hollow Hold
*Rest 2 min.

Post fastest/slowest run to comments.

WOD: Wednesday

AMRAP in 20 minutes:
Farmers Carry 100m
Hand Release Push-ups
*This is a partnered workout where one person performs the FC while the other person performs HR Push-ups. The change over between roles will be determined by the person doing push-ups reaching 15 reps or the return of the person doing the FC – whichever comes first.
*The push-ups must be performed with continuous motion i.e. no rest positions.
*Choose your own weight for the FC but aim to get through most if not all of the rounds without a break.
*Think outside the square for the FC – try a pinch carry with weight plates for extra challenge.
*Score = total push-ups.

WOD: Tuesday

A. EMOM for 10 minutes:
2 Shoulder Press (choose your own load/pause overhead for 2 seconds)
20 Lateral Jumps (over barbell)
*Bar is taken from the ground.

B. EMOM for 10 minutes:
T2B (Pick your own reps)

Tips: Don’t overdo it on the load for Part A – 10 rounds is a lot of volume and the cycle is tight. Choose a load that is repeatable and allows you to focus on good start and finish positions as well as keeping a stable core.
For Part B – pick a rep scheme that allows you to focus on any faults that you may have in your movement. This is not intended to be a max out situation, more a chance to work on good mechanics (please refer to video).

WOD: Monday

Seven rounds for load and time:
3 Position Power Clean (high to low)
Run 200m
*This is a partner workout with one partner working at a time – one partner completes an entire round while the other recovers.
*Scoring for this workout is weight/time.
*All 3 positions in the clean must be linked (no dumping until the last rep).
*For the 3 pos. power clean the first rep is from the upper thigh, the second rep is from just above the knee and the last rep is from just below the knee (but not on the ground).

WOD: Saturday

Please note that the 7.00 & 8.00am sessions are running as per normal today.

Come on in and see what fun Chantal has up her sleeve!