WOD: Wedensday

A. Work to a 3RM Thruster – from the ground (12 min).

B. EMOM for 15 minutes:
2 Thrusters @ 80% of part A.
4 Sit-ups
8 Lateral Jumps (over barbell)
*if you miss a round in the minute, finish the round and resume on the next minute.

WOD: Tuesday

*Please note that there will be a schedule change due to Clash on the Coast this weekend.  We will be closed after the 12.00pm session on Friday and will re-open as of the 12.00pm session on Monday.  Thanks.

A. Pendlay Row – work to an 8 rep max. (20 min).
*Be sure to complete 4 heavy sets in the process.

B. AMRAP in 12 minutes:
Run 200m
X reps UB (Muscle-up, pull-up, ring row – you choose)
*you choose the reps and the movement but whatever you choose you must stick with.
*your score is your total reps of your pulling movement.

WOD: Monday

For time:
20 Overhead Squats 50/35kg
30 KB Swings 24/16kg
40 Wall Ball 10/6kg
50 Double-unders
50 Burpees
50 Double-unders
40 Wall Ball
30 KB Swings
20 Overhead Squats
*25 min cut off.

WOD: Saturday

Pick a Benchmark WOD.

Run 1600 meters
15 Muscle-Ups
15 Deadlifts 100/70kg
Run 1200 meters
10 Muscle-Ups
10 Deadlifts
Run 800 meters
5 Muscle-Ups
5 Deadlifts

WOD: Friday

*Please check out our gym rules post if you haven’t already read it – here.

Four cycles of:
DB Bench Press 8-10 reps.
Rest 60 sec.
KB Swings 15-20 reps.
Rest 60 sec.
10 Evil Wheels
Rest 60 sec.
20 ABMAT Sit-ups
Rest 60 sec.

WOD: Thursday

1. Run 200m
Max reps OHS 40/30kg

2. Run 200m
Max reps Ring Dips

3. Run 200m
Max reps Deadlift 40/30kg

4. Run 200m
Max reps T2B

5. Run 200m
Max reps Push Jerk 40/30kg

6. Run 200m
Max reps Air Squat

7. Run 200m
Max reps Hang Power Clean 40/30kg

8. Run 200m
*each work round is 90 seconds, followed by 90 seconds rest.
*your score is the total of the max rep efforts. You must get at least 1 rep of each to get rx’d.

WOD: Wednesday

A. Work to a 1RM Turkish Get-up (DB or KB) 10 min.

B. Death by Strict Pull-up

C. 5 x max effort L-Sit
*rest 60 seconds.

WOD: Tuesday

5 Rounds for completion:
Min 1: 15 UB Russian KB Swings 32/24kg
Min 2: 10 x 10m Shuttle Run
Min 3: 15 Burpees (jump onto 10kg plate)
Min 4: 40 Double-unders
Min 5: Run 150m

WOD: Monday

A. 10 Rounds:
3 Front Squat (choose own load)
Knees to Elbows (choose own reps)
*Pause in the bottom of the 1st Front Squat for a 2 count.
*This is not for time, however move through the rounds with minimal rest.

B. Row 500m
*This should be an all out effort.

WOD: Saturday

Team/Partner workout. We need lots of you to make this happen so come on in!

A treat from NCLab.