WOD: Wednesday

Update: Don’t forget our Nutrition Presentation is on at 6.00pm tonight.

A. 3 x 5 Deadlift
*Use the weight that you achieved for 5 last week.
*Rest 2 min.

B. EMOM x 20:
1. 30 sec. Deadlift
2. 20/12 Push-ups
3. 12/9 Pull-ups
4. 15 Box Jumps 24/20″
5. Rest
*Use 70-80% of Part A for DL weight.
*C2B pull-ups for competition athletes.
*Your score is your total Deadlifts assuming that you complete the prescribed reps in min. 2, 3 & 4.

WOD: Tuesday

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With a continuously running clock…
at 0:00
Five rounds:
15 Wall Ball 10/6kg
10 T2B

at 10:00
Five rounds:
15 Russian KB Swings 32/24kg
30 Double-unders

at 20.00-25:00
Max reps Burpees (6″ target)

The aim of the game is to get through the first 2 parts of this with at least a couple of minutes rest before starting the next section. Think sprint, rest, sprint rest. If you know this is not going to happen with the prescribed loads/reps, then you should look at scaling from the start. If you’re not sure, give yourself an 8 min. cut off for the first 2 parts to save having to move into the next section without any rest.

WOD: Monday

A. Four rounds:
6-8 Seated (unsupported) DB Shoulder Press
8-10 Ring Row
20 Abmat Sit-ups
*Rest as necessary between exercises.

B. 500m Row

Notes: For the Shoulder Press aim to maintain the same weight across all sets and scale the ring row up or down (feet elevated, weight vests etc.) to get you into the 8-10 rep range. The sit-ups should be strict – anchor your feet if you need to rather than using momentum to get you through the reps. The row is all out – give it everything you’ve got.


WOD: Saturday

A. Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3
*Yes you can back squat on a Saturday!
*The first set should be moderately heavy and increment towards a max for the day.

B. Partner Workout:
For time:
100 Push-ups
200 Wall Ball
300 Double-unders
*One partner works at a time – split the work between partners anyhow you like.

A. EMOM x 12:
1. Muscle-up
2. Freestanding HS Hold (30 sec. practice)
3. 50 Double-unders
*For the MU, pick a number that takes no longer than 30 sec. and focus on linking reps with smooth mechanics.

B. Courtesy of Invictus:
Every 5 minutes, for 25 minutes (5 sets):
Row 500 Meters
10 Thrusters 50/35kg
10 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups

WOD: Friday

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Happy Birthday to Drew Napper today.

Three rounds for time of:
Run 1200m
30 Box Jumps 24/20″
20 Pull-ups

Notes: Pick a pace on the run that allows you to get to work almost immediately – this will obviously vary as the workout progresses. For the box jumps, play around with different techniques (rebounding, jump-up/step down, step-up/step down etc.) – rebounding reps are fast but if they leave you really gassed and you have to rest a lot during the set or coming into the pull-ups, they may not be the best choice. Sometimes mixing it up can be the best option. For the pull-ups, if you don’t get to 20 reps in 3 goes, then stick with whatever you get up to in 3 goes in round 1 for the remainder of the workout.

WOD: Thursday

A. Deadlift 5-10-20
*Sets must be touch and go. Rest off the ground only.

B. Partner Workout
7 min ladder:
Burpees/DL Hold
*One partner holds the barbell at the top of the Deadlift while the other does Burpees. Start at 1 rep and increase by 1 each round. Don’t exceed 100/70kg for DL hold.

Discipline in the Deadlift: Compared to the Olympic lifts the deadlift is quite a simple movement which potentially means that inexperienced athletes can lift quite heavy loads through this exercise. This is great providing that good form is maintained, and really bad if it’s not. Unlike the squat where the fear of being squashed under the bar normally stops people from lifting more than they’re capable of, the deadlift seems to bring out the worst in people because they don’t associate the same risk with this lift. Simple rules, let good form dictate your load, if you’re in doubt dump the bar and don’t let your ego get the better of you.

WOD: Wednesday

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A. Touch & Go Power Snatch 5-5-5-5-5

B. Touch & Go Power Clean & Jerk 5-5-5-5-5

Notes: We typically don’t specifically train touch and go style lifting throughout the year as it’s a big enough battle to get good at these lifts as it is without adding in the extra complexity and fatigue that touch and go lifting brings. But with the CrossFit Open around the corner it’s worth playing with different techniques and finding out what sorts of loads you can handle for this volume of reps. For both A & B, start at a conservative weight and build nice and progressively to find your max for five.

WOD: Tuesday

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Four rounds:
Max reps Strict + Kipping Pull-up
Rest 60 sec.
Max reps UB Push-ups in 60 sec.
Rest 60 sec.
1 min. Double-unders
Rest 60 sec.

Notes: For the pull-ups, do about 50-75% of you max with strict pulls and then transition to kipping reps until failure – competitors should do C2B. If you don’t have many strict reps then work on them with the help of a spotter or an appropriate band. For the push-ups the reps are continuous i.e. no pausing at the top. If you’re not awesome at push-ups then forego the UB element and get some volume under your belt. Double-unders – one size fits all here. If you’re a guru then try to get lots of them and if you’re learning you can practice for 60 seconds without the requirement of having to get a set number of reps. Enjoy.

WOD: Monday

Please note that we are back to full CrossFit Schedule. The programming this week will be aimed at progressing you back to full intensity after the break.  Don’t be too eager to beat yourself up if you’ve over indulged over the festive season – a progressive approach is much more appropriate.

Have you set your goals for the new year yet? – be sure to spend a moment thinking about the milestones you would like to achieve this year before you come in to train this week. We would love to hear them.

EMOM x 30:
Min 1. 10 x 10 Shuttle Run
Min 2. 15-20 UB Wall Ball 10/6kg
Min 3. Rest
Min 4. Burpees
Min 5. Rest

Assuming that you complete the shuttles and WB in your allotted time frame, the total of your burpees is your score. If you’ve over indulged over the break then cruise through and simply aim to complete the work. If you’ve been a bit more behaved over the break, hit each element hard for a much more potent effect.

WOD: Saturday

Don’t wait until Monday, come and work off some Christmas cheer. Join us for some Open Gym fun and watch Marie do her birthday burpees 7.30am-9.00am.

Remember, if you don’t know what you are doing we will give you a WOD if to get you back into the swing of things.