WOD: Wednesday

Part A.
Overhead Squats 7-7-7-7
*Working from racks

Part B.
Partner workout:
20-2 repetitions for time of:
Dumbbell Snatch 22.5/15kg

*One partner starts on Dumbbell Snatch the other on Squats. Alternate through movements until all repetitions are complete. You can not move onto the opposite movement until your partner has finished their repetitions.

Photo: Air High Fives to this fabulous lady who turns 30 today ;D
Yes we wished her an early birthday yesterday- Penny celebrates a birthday week!!

WOD: Tuesday

A. EMOM x 12:
Pull-ups 3-5 reps.
*Pick the most difficult pull-up variation you can maintain across.

B. AMRAP in 10 min.
50m Overhead Carry 20/15kg
10 Double-unders
*Add 10 Double Unders per round.

Photo: Megan. We love having families training with us. Megan and Aden have trained with us since 2017 with their kids Caidance and Kara getting the Crossfit bug soon after. We love this fam!!!

WOD: Monday

Advance as far as possible in 20 minutes:
25 Hang Cleans 60/40kg
20/14 Hand Release Push-ups
20 Hang Cleans 70/47.5kg
20/14 Hand Release Push-ups
15 Hang Cleans 80/55kg
20/14 Hand Release Push-ups
10 Hang Cleans 90/62.5kg
20/14 Hand Release Push-ups
5 Hang Cleans 100/70kg
20/14 Hand Release Push-ups
*For anyone who finishes, perform an AMRAP of the final round until 20 minutes is complete.

Photo: Mark. It has been great seeing Mark focusing on the finer points of his lifts – it has been paying dividends in the quality of his movement. Awesome work Mark!!!

WOD: Saturday

Five rounds for time:
560m Run
30 Kettlebell Swings 24/16kg
20m Walking Lunge

WOD: Friday

Snatch (any style)
0-4 minutes: 1 lift every 20 seconds (Maintain weight)
Rest 1 minute
5-9 minutes: 1 lift every 30 seconds (Maintain weight)
Rest 1 minute
10-20 minutes: 1 lift every minute (Climb in weight)

Photo: Meet Chris M (Deb’s husband). Chris is a FIFO worker who has been training with us for the past 6 months. It has been so awesome seeing his confidence and abilities grow in the gym. I can’t wait to see what you will achieve in the next six month and beyond. Life becomes easier with fitness.

WOD: Thursday

Six rounds, each for time of:
20/16 Cal. Bike
15 Burpees
10 Pull-ups
*Rest as necessary between rounds.

WOD: Tuesday

Part A.
5-7 sets of:
Max repetition Strict Pull-ups

Part B.
EMOM x 12 minutes:
Min 1. Toes to Bar (Max reps)
Min 2. Dumbbell Snatch 22.5/15kg (Max reps)
Min 3. Rest

Photo: It was great to see this guy back in the box tonight- Matt VB.

WOD: Monday

“The Chief”
AMRAP in 3 min.
3 Power Clean 60/40kg
6 Push-ups
9 Squats
*Repeat for a total of five, 3 minute cycles.
*Rest 1 min. between cycles.

Photo: It has been great seeing Kim push her boundaries in training particularly strict pull-ups and overhead squats. Keep up the great work!!!

WOD: Saturday

For time complete:
100 Wall Ball 9/6kg
Run to bridge & back
100 Dumbbell Snatch 22.5/15kg (Alternating)
Run to bridge & back
100m walking lunge 20/15kg (held anyhow)

Photo: Happy birthday to this awesome lady- Lou.
I have loved see her smiling face much more lately. She always has a positive attitude and patience beyond belief- When life throw her lemons this lady makes lemonade. We hope your day is filled with all things awesome!!!