Nutrition- When “Good” is Great!!

Dr. Yoni Freedhaf, MD.
Liking the life, you’re living while losing weight is the key to keeping it off-

“Best weight” is whatever weight (Size/shape) you reach when you’re living the healthiest life that you actually enjoy.

We will be hosting a Free information night that will allow you to walk away a template of Goals>Skills>Actions. One step in the right direction.

Wednesday Night- 3rd November @ 5:30pm
Please note: This session will take the place of the 5:30pm WOD.
Members will be able to complete Open Gym in an appropriate space during this time.

The underlying foundation of good health is nutrition; however, it is what majority of the population struggle with the most. 

People often look for the ‘Quick Fix’ which from our experience sets them up for failure.  Relying on Willpower to avoid “bad” foods can only last so long and so the roller coaster begins.  Highly restrictive for 30-90days = short term results, then back to regular eating choices= loss of results + additional kg, then feeling disappointed and negative in ourselves – The effect getting us stuck into a rut or cycle of failures.  

It is my goal to work with you in establishing long lasting sustainable habits that allow you to lead a happy and fulfilled life enjoying an abundance of food. 

Just like training- mastering the basics is the best way forward.

We will guide you towards mastering the basics of good nutrition step by step (at your pace). 
NO SHORT CUTS/NO QUICK FIXES just learning quality habits that allow you to live a great life with a healthy relationship with food.

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