During COVID lock down we witnessed the benefits of incorporating ROMWOD into our programming and wanted to maintain and improved upon it. 

We are excited to now have a dedicated ROMWOD area upstairs and we encourage you all to make the most of it.  This service is free to our members.
Regardless of your training goals incorporating additional quality mobility sessions into your week is going to pay dividends. 

Here are a few ways we plan on utilizing the area:
Incorporated into our program- To ensure everyone achieves benefit we will be incorporating shorter ROMWOD in a couple of times per week following the WOD.
Open during session times- Needing a recovery day- Rather than just taking the day off come on in for a ROMWOD session.  Pick 1-2 shorter ROMWODs or a longer one if you have extra time.
REST DAY Thursday– (International CrossFit Rest Day).    If you were planning on taking a rest- A longer ROMWOD is always programmed for Thursday.  Grab a friend and head upstairs. 

We will record how often individuals are using this new service so we can measure the success of including it into our program.  We request you aim to complete at least 1 additional ROMWOD session per week. Please book in (not necessary) but it may encourage others to join you. 

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