WOD: Monday

Five sets for load:
1 Shoulder Press +
3 Push Press +
5 Push Jerk
*Performed as a continuous set of 9 repetitions.
*Aim to increase weight on each set.

Optional finisher: Death by Burpees
*Complete 1 rep on the 1st minute, rest out remainder of the minute. Complete 2 reps on the 2nd minute, rest out remainder of the minute. Continue with format until you can no longer achieved the required number of repetitions within the minute.
*Advanced athletes start at higher repetitions.

Photo: I often say “age is just a number”. Deb is a great example of this… constantly improving and like fine wine getting better with age.
Want to be better? Be consistent and work hard. Don’t look for short cuts because there aren’t any. Nothing beats the feeling of satisfaction from achieving something you have worked hard for.

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