WOD: Saturday

Join us for a Zoom WOD and stay for a coffee.

Skip x 2 min. or 2 min. run.
3 rounds:
Backward Bend > Inch Worm > Dynamic Hips x 10 > Roll Over > Sit-up & Reach x 7.
Practice Candlestick (determine your own standard of movement).

For time:
20-2 Sprawl
5 x 10m Shuttle Run
10-1 Candlestick
5 x 10m Shuttle Run

You should aim to sprint through the sprawls and shuttle runs as these are low cost movements. Place a high priority on achieving the highest movement standard that you are capable of in the candlesticks – these are the crux of the workout.
There should be no need to scale volume if you have picked an appropriate standard of difficulty in the candlesticks.

Photo of the Day: Family “Sip & Stretch” – just the way we like it!!!

Please note: Depending upon weather we will be running a Bootcamp session at the beach from 4pm. Be sure to book in via Members Facebook page.

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